Some shit from my phone…

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Well this weekend I went to my friends garage bike shop (Glen Copas that makes Elephant bike frames) and he has a garage filled with random bike related items from his time of being involved with cycling. The first item is a Russian cycling teams truing stand that could also take dents out of their rims. I guess they didn’t have wheel sets just laying around for the taking, they had to make due with what they had.

Russian cycling truing stand
Russian cycling truing stand

My second item from his shop speaks for itself- Satan must of raced at Sea Otter.

Mark of the Beast at Sea Otter
Mark of the Beast at Sea Otter

Today has been strange for the most part, I think it might have to do with Fall time is really happening and I don’t want to believe it. Well, since you can’t stop fall form happening, you also can’t stop me from posting a drunk iPhone vid someone sent me just a few mins ago- never send me something that is about being drunk and riding a bike, I’ll post it.

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14 Replies to “Some shit from my phone…”

  1. He’s obviously a rookie to being fat. As an experienced man of girth I saw that coming from an apartment complex parking lot away. Also, what’s with the weak beer slam? it was like a whole minute of beer sipping, shotgun that shit and you can land anything. Science.

  2. Keith, that is why I labeled it slow chugger. Man, he was also killing with sucking on that can.

  3. what he was lacking was ambition. it was a lazy, yearningless path to gutjam. if he’d have opened his throttle lines to the situation, beer would have spewed forth from every hole in his face.

    rookie to being fat and a stranger to spectacle.

  4. I wasn’t going to say anything. That had to be the slowest beer slam not on record. I was thinking to myself that I drink faster than that when I’m drinking normally. Not that I’m proud of that fact but it gets hot in Florida and drinking fast can be a matter of life and death.

    As far as his jump: matches his drinking perfectly.

  5. THAT’S a beer slam? There’s 12 yr. old girls @ the local high school who can drink a beer w/a straw faster.

    Not that I’d know. I heard about it. Really.

  6. “a stranger to spectacle.”

    @snorkhawg…— Why, that’s the saddest phrase I’ve read in a very long time. My soul feels weary and gray; there’s this keening noise. I’m out to ride.

  7. Will he ship the truing stand to Canada is what I’ve been meaning to ask for the last day or so….

  8. i meant to sandwich my critique with praise, but i accidentally put peanut butter right on the paper plate. here’s my breads: you take better phone pictures than i do with my camera. (slam the glacially slow porker here.) caveman, you are really stylish.

    THAT is a critique sandwich.