The Riddle

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If you’re a DC Facebook fan, you may have seen the question of the day today. For those of you who aren’t savvy enough with the Interwebz to figgur out the Bookface, here it is:

Q: What’s really expensive, about 400mm long, and sounds like a thousand crunchy tacos? Winner gets D2’s undying respect.

Ha! Like D2’s undying respect is worth a goddamn.

Anyway, here’s the answer to the riddler:

It's amazing more of this is not lodged up my ass...
It's amazing more of this is not lodged up my ass...

Still don’t know what it is? Here’s a better angle.

She's jagged...and the other half is still stuck in my frame.
She's jagged...and the other half is still stuck in my frame.

If you don’t know what this is by now, you might be retarded. Go back and check your eighth grade report card.

Here’s the glory shot.

FSA: Full Speed Ahead...Up Your Ass.
FSA: Full Speed Ahead...Up Your Ass.

So, to recap: the sound an FSA carbon seatpost makes when it crumbles beneath you sounds similar to the smashing of about fifty hardshell tacos. This happened at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. I was going uphill. Weird.

You’ll notice it broke clean at the seatpost clamp. This is usually a case of the seatpost clamp being overtightened. As a mechanic, I would not let that happen, especially on my own bike. Yep, used a torque wrench on this puppy. Still broke.

To be honest, though, I don’t blame FSA. I blame Gunnar. I’ve had some bad customer service experiences with Gunnar, so I no longer recommend these frames to anyone, as nice as they are. They were condescending and completely unhelpful when I contacted them about the seatpost/seat tube issues I was having, and to clue you in, this is the sixth—that’s right, motherfucking 6th—seatpost I’ve been through since I bought this frame in late 2008. I won’t bore you with the details, but Gunnar’s got a lot of ass kissing to do if they want to get back on my good side.

As an aside, the rest of this lovely post is lodged in my seat tube. It wasn’t coming up, so it got pushed down where it will live permanently. Thanks, Gunnar, for a fine product. Now I can’t sell the frame, nor do I really want to use it anymore. Too bad. You used to make such good products.

That being said, I’m on the lookout for a nice 29er full suspension. What’s out there, world?

In closing, I give you Prince, reminding you why Prince is fucking badass. If you don’t think so, I’ve got a nice seatpost to sell you…

YouTube Preview Image

Stick around for the solo. It’ll get yer giggles.

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About D2

I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

195 Replies to “The Riddle”

  1. Hey D2,

    Most of the crew is in Vegas. but I’m still here at the FSA Mothership. Call in on the main line, go to tech services, and ask for Matthew. I will get you sorted. That fucking sucks BTW…

  2. Lameness personified.

    I’ve been rolling a superfly 100 when not on my black sheep. Said sheep is now cracked sheep and whilst the crew at las Ovejas Negras are turning it into the six million dollar bike(faster, stronger, better), the superfly is a fun runner-up in the quiver.

  3. yup rip 9 and i think that gunnar probably deserves to have the post shoved down there for good bitch turn it into a bar bike and make it sorry

  4. SRV is legit.

    Prince has more flair, though. Gotta respect a purple jumpsuit and high heels.

    “Game. Blouses.”

  5. …nice…morgan totally steps up…fsa fucking rocks like that…when i needed a 34t inner for my cross bike years ago, those guys not only hooked me up, they were totally on the ball, plus they design some good shit…props…

    prince is definitely no lightweight…dani harrison (george’s son) was certainly diggin’ him in that vid…cat rocks hard, if you’ve ever passed him over because of his style…creative motherfucker puts a complete package together…i’m a longtime fan…

    …stevie ray vaughan…stone cold guitarslinger…fuck me, what a shame he went the way of so many greats, way too early…that was one particular cat, as awesome as he already was, i was hoping to see evolve as an axe-man throughout the years…the mind boggles…

  6. Who the fuck rolls a carbon seatpost? Im terrified of most carbon shit(Frames and forks aside…) just because of the ‘gravity’ (har-dee-har-har) of my situation
    (read : Im heavy)

    Carbon bars and seatposts are for racers who live under the 170 mark. Thats a scene I left decades ago. Im a solid 200 and even if I log 70 miles 3-4 days a week, I would never, EVER get below 185 probably.

    My sympathies for sure, but really… I coulda predicted it, especially after seatpost #3.

  7. What’s wrong with alloy? Is the couple grams of weight saved that much of a problem? Heck, it might be…I’ve got more than a few friends that think that way. But then they have no answer when I ride past them and shake my Thomson in their faces…

    Shame about Gunnar…my Milwaukee is made at the same place and I absolutely LOVE it…but I’ve never dealt directly with the Waterford facility.

  8. +1 on the Thomson post. All day long, all day strong.

    Only thing I ever use, & I’m a fat fuck.

  9. Jab-saw and some patience should get the post remains out of there. It sounds like there’s a warp or wrinkle in the tube that needs to get honed or reamed out.

    I run the Thomson on my mtb’s. No need for carbon posts off road.

  10. The first four posts were Thomson. They slid down into the frame, regardless of the clamp I used. Thus began the saga with Gunnar…it’s a long story. I had never written a carbon post before this, actually. Like I said: I don’t blame FSA. I blame Gunnar, though I don’t think I’m ready to tell that story just yet.

  11. It almost sounds like the I.D. of the seat tube was off spec… tho I don’t know if that would cause your FSA post to shear off like that.

  12. Yeah, if it were a little oversized, you’ll probably be causing some weird stresses on the post. Have you tried the FSA (?) carbon grease? It’s got a grit in it that allows you to use a much lower torque and still have things hold. It’s compatible with carbon resins. It should work on getting an Al post to not slip. I had a pair of carbon bars that were slipping in a Thomson road stem. A little film of that and they have held tight since, with relatively low torque on the bolts.

  13. I used the FSA carbon grease. The post was torqued to spec (somewhere around 5 or 6 nm…I can’t quite remember). Like I said, it wasn’t the post.

    On a more pleasant note, Matthew at FSA came through for me…can’t say enough about how awesome FSA has been.

  14. If I read this exchange correctly, I think el jefe was referring to using the carbon grease on the (Thomson or other) alloy post, as opposed to the FSA carbon post, to prevent the slipping problem from reoccurring. (tho I’m sure you should use it on the carbon post for the same reason).
    If there is a gap/difference in the O.D. of the carbon post & the I.D. of the seat tube, it just may be enough (even with correct torque. remember, this torque is for a properly fitted post, not with an oversized/off-spec seat tube)to cause some of the fibers to fray, & ultimately fail.

    of course, I may also be talking out of my ass, so there’s always that.

    sounds like FSA did you a solid, so kudos to them.

  15. I’ve heard of others having slip issues with Gunnar frames and Thomson posts. It’s a Gunnar issue, not a Thomson one. I’m running Thomson on an Alu Salsa and a Foco steel Jericho…both cross bikes…zero issues.

    If the answer to your question is Thomson, should you have asked the question?

    As for Prince…if he comes close to where you live, GO TO THE SHOW! Unreal…

  16. So I’ve heard. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a Thomson post that slipped. Race Face, too. And Dimension. And Ritchey.

  17. Sounds like an oversized seat tube. Even at the right torque, that would make the top edge of the tube dig into the post.

  18. …wrong…i got to see all the ‘rock gods’ in their day & yes, jimi ‘fucking’ hendrix was like no one before, after or ever will be…he will remain unparalleled in time but to not appreciate steve ray vaughan, who’s ‘voodoo chile’ is an ultimate tribute, not a ‘cover’, would simply be to miss out on some fine, serious ass ax-work…

    ..just sayin’…

  19. …wow…another ‘wrong’, again & dipshit (sorry – that’s just easier than trying to decipher your name), you are definitely in a minority…

    …fsa = good shit, good people…

  20. FSA is okay in my book. They took care of me, and i’ve never had a problem with their products. Nothing but good things to say.

    1DBLJ: I have ups and downs with the springs. I haven’t done a lot of riding because of seatpost issue, but the riding I’ve done has been fun. Front range is cool. Strip malls are definitely not cool, and they’re everywhere. I haven’t done a ton of exploring though, so I’m reserving judgment. I do not dislike this place, but I am not in love yet.

  21. They say the Springs is the biblebelt of the west…that part would get old.

    Let me know if you’re up near Golden…hit some trails.

  22. There are definitely some massive megachurches. Not really interested in that. Hoping to move to Golden within a year or two, but we’ll see. Definitely keep ya posted if I head up that way.

  23. @bgw

    Chill dude. I just never really got in to that whole SRV deal. I dunno. The guy struck me as a douche.

    And now that you pointed it out, I’m kinda curious about WTF “t34418l3one” means. Beyond dipshit that is.

  24. @Jonny— Seen, brother, but in this case Mr. D2’s machine was rendered unrideable because the stoopit bustet [sic] seat post was stuck in the frame, and the frame sounds sketchy anyway. Dude totally need a spare bike.

    And there’s other reasons to keep a spare, besides backup for mechanical issues, parts testing, etc. You can leave it at your friend’s house… you can ship it ahead on trips… and of course, you can loan it to a buddy who flies into town.

    I like to make sure my loaner is heavier and has heavier wheels than my bike. Then I have an equipment advantage as well as knowing the route better and can make them suffer on the climbs. What are friends for? This is meaningful shit.

  25. …triple f…jimmy vaughan & the fabulous thunderbirds & stevie ray vaughan & double trouble…amigo, get yourself into some serious texas roadhouse blues…both those cats & their bands played the real deal…

    …jimmy got mentored by freddy king & stevie ray spent time learning from albert king & that’s as good a set of credentials as it gets…

    …did srv do some drinkin’ & druggin’ & the prerequisite bullshit behavior ???…yep…seems to have gone with the territory in the rock n’ roll bizness, ya ???…

    …so, i dunno from ‘douche’ but i KNOW what i’m listening to…

  26. SRV was a far more gifted guitar player than his brother. Jimmy is a technical player, but music flowed out of SRV. His blues was about the only good thing the blues has done since the middle 70’s, but the real shame in his death was the loss of his foray into jazz. Having lived in the Austin area for the past decade plus, I can’t really stand to listen to him, but that’s mostly because of the mythological status he has here. I saw him 3-4 times back in the mid 80’s and it was pretty spectacular.

  27. …nice, triple…thanks & i’m listening to both & diggin’ it all…

    …it’s a long fucking road from bill haley & the comets doing ‘rock around the clock’ which was a breakout record in that it accomplished two things – it was the first ‘rock n’ roll’ record to hit the ‘billboard charts’ which legitimized the youth market & despite attempts by a segment of the music industry to ‘sanitize’ what young white kids were gonna get to listen to, it actually opened the door to all the great black acts & musicians…

    “hey kids…you wanna listen to pat boone or hank ballard & the midnighters ???” – “gee, mister freed…that hank ballard sounds a lot neater for our teen dance party & do you have any of that chuck berry also ???” – “no problem, kids & hey, just call me moondog”

    …personally, my tastes run the full gamut…i’m a child of ‘rock n’ roll’ but you’d maybe be surprised to see what’s in my cd collection in the car…

  28. …el jefe…i actually had a chill run through me when i read that…i was of that same mind in that of all the guitar players out there, srv was the one of the few cats in particular i wanted to hear as his music evolved…

    …all the van halens, ronnie montroses, satrianis & yngwie malmsteen types were cool ’80’s stoner, speed metal, whatever the fuck guitar dudes who played great ‘appropriate’ music but i felt stevie ray vaughan would have been a much bigger contributor to the overall music scene…duane allman was another one in that musical category who didn’t get the chance to evolve…

    …kinda sad…

  29. @Mikey: yep, definitely need another ride. The bank account has been arguing otherwise, however.

    At one point, I had 11 bikes in the stable. I have since been traveling light since I’ve been moving around a lot. This is the first time since I was in high school that I’ve only owned one mountain bike. I feel somewhat ashamed…

    SRV was cool. Jimi was cool too. But jimmy Fucking Page rules them all.

  30. …triple f & d2…fuck you guys…i’m about to drive to work & you two have forced me into the position of now having to decide between the zep or stevie ray on the way in & more importantly, once i make the decision, that WILL be what i’m listening to @ 4:30, 5:00 in the morning on the way home..

    …dammit guys…rock (n’ roll) & a hard place’

  31. And to keep it real on the punk rock tip: These are the bands I was going out to see live in the 80’s. (I’ve never seen AC/DC or Van Halen in concert.)

    Swiz 3-31-89 State College, PA Sunstroke / Lie

    Soulside “Bass” Wilson Center, DC 12-29-88

    This is the music which defined my entire world view. Really. That is not overstating it.

  32. D2, while I respect you as a person , OOHH shit! my middle diget has gone off, oops, sorry about that, damn finger..

  33. …i always preferred ‘the sons of champlin’ over ‘the grateful dead’ because they were more influenced by black musicians than ‘the dead’

    …i was well known for my artwork which started with handcrafted pot & hash pipes with elaborate & intricate carvings & i eventually branched into straight up small sculpture work…garcia bought a beautiful pipe from me with snakes sliding their way around the bowl (which jerry cherished for many years, i was told by bear) & years later phil lesh bought a small dolphin sculpture…

    …having friends who did ‘sound’ with the dead, i’d go & see them on occasion but not too often over the years & my joke was always that, “while i’m not a big fan of the dead’s work, the dead are fans of mine’

    …touche’…truth is, as both the band & i aged, i could better appreciate their work…i’ll give them this – the grateful dead were undoubtedly the greatest phenomena in the history of rock music…

  34. Miles. Yes. Dead, still no. Sorry Hurben. I can understand your outrage, but I still think the Dead sucks. Phish, too. And what’s that other newer jam band? Widespread Panic…all of em suck in my book.

  35. Every time I turn somebody on to Kind of Blue they have stolen the album, cassette or CD. Or I give it away. I think I even had it on 8 track.

    Any guitar discussion can go on endlessly, much like a helmet war. Although guitar talk is always way mellower. Like Kind of Blue.

  36. I think I’m with D2 on this. The Dead had some great albums (Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty were probably their best), but I got really tired of their crowd. Never could stand Phish or Widespread Panic, for much the same reasons. I can’t stand trustifarians.

  37. @65-Jonny, thank you, thank you, and O! thank you for posting that.

    I see some pretty grueling days as a commercial electrician. On days when I ride back to town in the crew van, that album has been my salvation. Sure, sometimes I have to hit repeat three or four times for “Blue in Green”, but eventually I am returned to a semblance of humanity.

    Jimmy Cobb said that the music must have been made in Heaven. He was there, so I reckon he should know.

  38. Oh, and when I saw “50 years” it knocked me for a loop. That music will probably sound fresh and contemporary in 200 years.

  39. …if i could get up out a’ my ol’ rockin’ chair, i’d slap a bitch for talkin’ that way…

    ..but here at the ‘home for old recalcitrant bike geezers’, when i don’t take my meds & start makin’ ‘vroom, vroom’ noises, they strap me into my chair…

    …damn…if i had a lawn, you fucking kids would hafta stay off it…

  40. …grumble grumble grump ratsa fratsa kids…

    …gimme a whiskey and a Pabst…

    …duct tape vise grips WD40…

    …now where did I put my Garand?…

  41. Oi vey. Someone stirred up the ol’ timers.

    Quick. Someone distract them with cheap whiskey and Viagra while I call the boys in white.

    @65. +1.

  42. And oh yea. The Dead sucked in ways I can’t even describe without bursting a brain vessel or something.

  43. …i didn’t feel that ‘miles’ even had to be brought into the discussion…

    …it’s like we were having a talk about ice cram or puppies & somebody stands up & sez “i have proof that there is a great spiritual entity”

    …well, fuck ya !!!…but we were talkin’ ice cream & puppies…

    …anyway, just sayin’…

  44. …btw, ‘sketches of spain’ is also a wonderful album…while not typical of his amazing work, it’s like a miles davis travelog for your ears & mind…

  45. I been trying to wrap my head around “Sketches” for about three years. Not that I don’t like it; I do. But I find myself in a less than optimum frame of mind everytime I put it on. Not the album’s fault.

    Ran across the most recent release of the Bill Evans Trio, “Live at the Village Vanguard”. This is what Stephen Hawking would do if he could use his hands. Beyond brilliant.

    Speaking of the Vanguard, I snagged a copy of Mary Stallings live. It just don’t get any better. On the same shelf was Trane’s “A Love Supreme”. Sometimes life don’t suck.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled puppies and kitties.

  46. Oh, and great spiritual entities seldom require proof. Don’t ask me how I know. I just do.

  47. I am not contributing to this thread because there so many Dead Haters out there!

    So Yeah, I’m sulking.

    Let’s see Prince, SRV & Miles play like that minus a finger! Go Jerry, Yeah, thought about that? Bet you haven’t, any more shit from you lot & I’ll hit you with the fact that that I have every album that Neil Young ever did, how do you like them chops, huh?

    Last Friday was ‘Loud shirt’ day down here, a fund raiser for all the deafness charities, I wore my Grateful Dead, tie dye t-shirt & owned the place. Done for me by my friend Cathy from South Africa, who has sadly passed on due to cancer.

    Ooh yeah, ‘Keep on rocking in the free world’, because there’s not a shit of a lot of it left.

  48. Jack White is very under-rated. Saw the White Stripes live and even with Meg’s horrible drumming, he kept things together and showed that he’s probably one of the most talented contemporary guitarists.

    Strange that no-one has mentioned Clapton…

  49. …i heard about some guy named carlos santana & they say he’s a pretty soulful player also…

    …that’s, ya know, if ya like that latin shit…

  50. …elsid…jimi’s rock n’ roll stuff was so contemporary that you forget about how (much more) soulful (guy was always soulful) he could be when he dug back into his roots…

    ‘red house’ was always a favorite of mine & even with the nontraditional backup bass & drums, it’s still a awesome powerful blues…

  51. @99-Why would you think of me?


    Fuck you.

    That was beneath even a person of your blatant douchiness.

    I might live amongst ’em. That don’t make me one of ’em.

    And I bet you got a purty mouth. WEE WEE WEE.

  52. Holy crap joe, take a pill.

    It was a fucking joke.

    And my douchiness is not blatant. I hide it very well.

    And while I don’t have a purty mouth, I do have a real long tongue that has served me well in life. If ya know what I mean. Which I know you don’t.

  53. “…take a pill…”? Fuck that. Pills is for truckers, which I ain’t, thank the baby Jeebus.

    A joke? I’ll let you have that one, but it was a piss-poor excuse.

    And while you might think you hide your douchiness, my douchedar is state of the art. Don’t even try to evade it.

    As to the last, you’re right. Got no fucking idea, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll keep it that way.

    Now get off my lawn.

  54. Actually it was a great excuse. That duet was perfect. It remains the only banjo music I will listen to.

    You can find great music in most genres. I have mostly rock in my collection but also in there is rap, country, jazz, blues, whatever.

    I take the sound as it is. And I don’t give a rat’s ass how it looks.

    And as far as your lawn. If I knew where it was, I’d go there some night and mow a crop circle on it. Then I would piddle on your wife’s roses and then, on the way out, I’d drop a bag of fire ants.

    Just kidding…..except for the crop circle. I think that would be fucking funny.

  55. @BGW re: Hendrix…very true. His louder rock stuff easily holds it’s own against contemporary rock, which – I think – makes it all the more impressive. I love his slower, more soulful stuff too…”I treasure the guy’s “ENTIRE” catalog.

    Good call on Ry Cooder, Reverend.

  56. @Hurben

    Good thing you stood back cause the spaz motions I made to close that video would have taken you out.

    Just saying…

    Tho I am rocking away to Brian Setzer right now and most people I know turn their noses up at him. Guess I just need a better quality of friends eh ?

  57. @104-If you even get CLOSE to my lawn the motion sensors go off. Damned neighborhood cats; ain’t had a decent night’s sleep in years.

    But walnut and blued steel have kept me company on many a night. And I can still put fifteen rounds out of fifteen inside body center mass at fifty yards, even rip-roaring drunk.

    Not that I’d need to. Bet I’ve scraped bigger than you off my boot.

  58. Joe.


    You need a pill more than anyone I’ve never met.

    I’ve shot a few guns over the years. And I’ve been around others(like you) who think holding a gun automatically makes your dick 3″ longer.

    It doesn’t.

    And if you think you “…can still put fifteen rounds out of fifteen inside body center mass at fifty yards, even rip-roaring drunk.”

    Then I am SO going to put a giant dick shaped crop circle on your front lawn.

    Just saying…

  59. C’mon…I CAN’T be the only guy here who fucking HATES jazz?

    Oh…and file me in the Led Zeppelin camp.

  60. sfb – I am with you on the jazz for the most part. Small doses ok, perhaps. at best. maybe not quite hating but not really keen on it, and in agreement with the Page camp.

    Also want to kick a vote in for Dr. Know (bad brains).

    and TripleF @112:

    “…dick shaped crop circle on your front lawn…”

    That had me just about spewing the beer I was drinking, thanks for the laugh!


    This thread is done.

  62. Oh, we’re just getting warmed up. And if you think some smelly bunch of guitar-packing hippies can play music (not knocking it; been there myself about a hundred years ago) you should get a recording of Yvgeny Kissin’s 1984 Moscow performance. Mmmmm, Chopin…

  63. @DB,

    music is part of the rich tapestry of us all.

    Get us started & we turtle pirates might try to better the mighty 300 that LJ started with his turtle in a pothole by a stop sign rant.

    His meds are obviously kicking in because he’s been so quiet lately

    Just saying…

  64. Oops, sorry, the turtles came later in their majesty, LJ was outraged by a solitary pothole.

    Bless him.

  65. I haven’t been on the site in a couple days. I can’t believe this shit is still going… and no one’s really even mentioned a bike in, what, thirty comments or so?

  66. …i went looking for a foto of flo & eddy (the turtles) on a bicycle to make the circle complete, but alas, nothing but a lack was to be found…

  67. @Hurben

    Thanks a lot ya putz. I just wasted the last 1/2 hour of my life re-reading that lj pothole post.

    A pox on you and your sheep.


    Steve Vai is apparently someone who should be heard and not seen.


  68. …triple f…re: your steve vai comment…

    …now THAT, i’m in total agreement with…little too ‘rock god-y’ (rock gaudy ???) to watch but i like his guitar stuff over a lotta cats…

  69. I’m late to rejoin the party but the security software at work has decided that:

    a) This is a bad site & I shouldn’t post to it,
    b) I’m a bad person & shouldn’t be allowed to post to it.

    I’m leaning towards b.

    So now that the hooter has sounded & it’s beer o’clock…


    Why yes, we do have sheep here, happy bouncy wooly ones, I’m impressed with your worldly knowledge.

    We also have some American Eagles visiting & they recently engaged the old foe, (Russian Bears), in mortal combat. It was a triumph for truth, democracy & free market policies, (just don’t mention the GFC).


    Speaking of bikes,

    I hold your Gunnar responsible for all this.

    I have 4 steel Softrides currently mobile, impecable manners with beautiful long flowing carbon seat posts, (ok, struts) & they’ve never misbehaved like that.

    I feel incrediably manly riding them, sadly on closer inspection some people seem disapointed to discover that it is a carbon strut.

  70. …without the above protracted musical discussion, the answer would not have come as easily as it did today as regards who should be first played in my new (to me) black on black integra gs-r…

    …sinatra, bennett, buena vista social club, eloquent jazz, steely dan, srv, thin lizzy, van morrison & santana all get their turn in time but first up it hadda be ‘black dog’ & ‘rock & roll’ from led zeppelin IV…

    …now, we can go anywhere together, mileage & musical wise…

  71. …thanks, bud…‘back in black’…most appropriate…

    …my last one, the one i launched into the stratosphere, was kinda organic looking in dark metallic green w/ a tan interior…

    …this one is a nasty looking motherfucker…it’s a beauty but a nasty kinda beauty…

    …plain & simple, i’m back, in black…

  72. “was kinda organic looking in dark metallic green w/ a tan interior…”

    Like a rolling metal turtle?

  73. …foo you, too, mikey-oo…i’ve liked stuff i’ve heard but can’t say i’m overly familiar with the foo fighters…

    …i’ve gotta admit though that dave grohl is one a’ those personalities that goes beyond rock n’ roll & makes you feel like the bizness is in good hands…cool motherfucker…

    …& major props to the lads when i see stuff like that video…they ain’t mailing it in, they are fucking bringing it…

    …any band that that would go to the extent of staging a scenario like that, to ‘counter protest’ by way of pulling the wool over the eyes of all those ‘god lovin’, sign wavin’ fools is fucking righteous by me…

    …i just may hafta get more foo-serious…

  74. …re: the foos…been checkin’ their videos & those cats are great all ’round…& i’m more familiar with their stuff than i thought…

    …whether it’s the totally ‘off the wall’ humor of ‘white limo’ featuring a certain mr lemmy killmeister, ‘learning to fly’ with jack black or the comedic take on abject frustration in ‘walk’, i’m digging it…

    …my favorite though, is the vid for ‘the pretender’…truly awesome in my book… fight back the best way you know how – blow ’em away with the power of music…

  75. Hmmmmm. I’ve always had this thought that the Foo Fighters was just the band version of a Mentos commercial. Lite weights not worthy of attention.

    But I am now rocking away to The Pretender.


  76. There ya go. That video turned me off big time to these guys.

    I just rocked away to this video…New appreciation

    What’s their nickname ??

    FooFi ? Foosters ? Foo-a-rooni ? The Foo’s ?

    Just asking…

  77. @Mikey,

    No it wasn’t funny, that’s the worst shit that I’ve seen in years, worse than Coke/Pepsi ads.

    If I didn’t hold the Foo Fighters in such high esteem after ChristChurch, more so now after seeing ,

    their CDs would be being used as bird scarers in my vegetable garden.

  78. …not fair to pick on the foo fighters for that ‘footos – big me’ parody…

    …that was during their “gay period” (not that there’s anything…well, you know the drill…) but they’re over that now…

  79. HiYa BGW,

    As I’ve said to my daughter many times..

    Life isn’t fair, Life just is.

    You deal with the hand that you’ve been given, the test of character is how you do it.

  80. You owe me three minutes and thirty-six seconds. If I have to go to a collection agency I fucking will.

  81. Far out ThreeFs.

    Cool dude,

    I posted a response to BGW but it tells me that it’s ‘awaiting moderation’

    I’m being hassled by the Man, man!

    Holy Shit!, Nam flashbacks, (Namibia & that’s genuine), Jesus Christ, the walls are melting!!

    We were so fucking stupid.

  82. …sorry, bud…war horse, budgie & curved air didn’t work for me but i keep going back to ‘spooky tooth’ on u-tube & realizing that every one of those old favorites from the 1969 album stood the test of time, so i swung by the local alternative music store & ordered the cd re-release of spooky two’ for the car…

    …gonna fit right in next to the led zeppelin…


    …& i’ll say that i’ve had objections to & in my own way, protested every war we’ve been in since viet nam…but when i saw first hand what that war did to so many men’s souls & the way they were disregarded by the government that sent them there in the first place, i’ve always since welcomed veterans home…

    …so don’t be such a self righteous motherfucker, joe…it’s not always so black & white…
    …signed, bgw, definitely from left of center…

  83. …sounds like your favorite mixed drink should be called a ‘weak sauce’

    …drugs ???…i haven’t smoked since mid june, 1985…as far as anything else ???…well now, i was too much of a natural athlete to bother…

  84. “I had my first experience of combat in 1973 when I was 17 years old, every year there after until I bailed in 1987.”


    You’re in NZ now but South Africa just popped in my head. Rhodesian war ?

    And the older you get the younger they look. That’s why I stopped buying Playboy 7-8 years ago. I started to feel like a perv.

  85. joe,
    The legend of the spit-upon soldiers has grown to epic proportions, thanks mostly to the movie Rambo/First Blood. Almost none of accounts are verifiable, and generally happened to a friend or friend-of-a-friend or cousin. There’s generally at least one or two degrees of separation between the teller of the story and the purported victim. Not saying it never happened, but it’s been blow into mythical proportions. I’m also not saying that returning soldiers were treated with the respect and deference they should have been.

    What is verifiable? People at the last Republican debate booing an ACTIVE DUTY MEMBER OF THE MILITARY BECAUSE HE’S GAY. You’ve been pretty upstanding on the topic of not treating gays any differently than anyone else, and I respect you for that. I want to see you apply your outrage equally. Unless you do, you’re just a hypocritical ass, who thinks It’s O.k If You’re a Republican.

  86. Bad as the cheering was, the booing of a gay service man made me ashamed to claim allegiance to any political group of whatever stripe.

  87. Good on you, Joe, (seriously).

    We’ll have you wearing a tie dyed t-shirt & a peace sign before you know it, (not seriously).

    Oh yeah, by the way, save the whales.

  88. @joe, Thank you.

    @Triple, That was just the last straw. Cheering putting people to death, cheering letting people die because they lack health insurance, booing an active duty serviceman… I cringe to think what’s next. Fuck a bunch of tea-hadists. If anyone needs me I’ll be spending tomorrow helping some friends who lost everything in the Bastrop fires.

    Oh, and you want old school punk? X. ’nuff said. Finding them changed my life as a music fan.

    keep the rubber side down, friends.

  89. Ahh yes, The Clash “the only band that matters” as their record label arrogantly proclaimed. At the time, it was true. They were the first punk band to blend Black music (jamaican, R&B) with their angry white boy punk rock.

    Saw The Clash in Boston centuries ago backed by The Undertones (Irish punk-pop) and Sam and Dave (American R&B) on the same bill. The white punks of Boston didn’t know what to make of Sam and Dave. But Sam and Dave had the last laugh, cracking on the honkies.

    This ain’t no typical punk rock

    they weren’t naive about the reality of black/white clash as the line
    “I went to the place where every white face was an invitation to robbery” (Jamaica)

    Not that anyone cares except you and me Hurben, you turtle pirate.

    Cheers, mate!

  90. …i got to see so many of the awesome ’60’s artists & bands when they came through sf their first time…hendrix, led zeppelin, the who, rod stewart with jeff beck, procol harum, moody blues plus the local bands, jefferson airplane, big brother, the dead, quicksilver, santana, tower of power & they were all mesmerizing, over & over again…

    …on a thursday night, feb. 9th, 1979, at the old geary temple, a former synagogue next to the original fillmore auditorium, i saw one of the greatest rock phenomena ever…it wasn’t a rock n’ roll show, it was a fucking rock phenomena…

    …***the clash*** had come to san francisco & it was like joe strummer & his mates hung from a church spire & screamed into the damp, dark night…“we are here, oh you holy city of rock n’ roll, we are here, san fran-fucking-cisco…you are a mecca, you have a reputation & we WANT to play for you, we WILL play for you & WE-WILL-PLAY-THE-BEST FUCKING ROCK & ROLL WE’VE EVER PLAYED !!!”…& fuck me, six ways ’til sunday, WOW, how they played…

    …a bit a’ showmanship here & there, sure…but short, solid, hard-driven numbers, over & over…my god, they were good…

    …i witnessed something special that night cuz they were at their hungriest…

  91. Punk’s not dead. It just gets up at a more reasonable hour.

    Punk’s not dead. It’s resting.

  92. Having one of those melancholy days.

    Couldn’t listen to the Clash right now if I wanted too. But they did rock the house indeed.

    Fuck the whales. Save the turtles.

  93. Yehuda Moon is shut down ?

    Great. Now I’m really depressed.

    Heading to the local Fireman’s Parade. I can hear the bag-pipes off in the distance already. I love me a parade. Maybe that will cheer me up.

  94. Any serious Clash fan should make an effort to see _The_Future_Is_Unwritten_, the more or less official biography of Joe Strummer. Dude was brilliant and driven. Also his last two records with the Mescaleros are really good.