File this under holy shit

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The video was uploaded today by recordball with the comment that no one was injured and the store, Rock No Road Cyclery in Mission Viejo, will be open for business tomorrow.

From: Kevin M.
My LBS hade an 85 year old lady drive her car through the store front and it was caught on cctv , they just finished a 3 month remodel 2 weeks ago.

Video embedded below:

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25 Replies to “File this under holy shit”

  1. had an older person get confused and punch the gas instead of the brake into my parents business. it landed on my mom’s desk…luckily she didn’t show up til noon (it was the am). considering that, what happened at the tour de tucson a while back, and many other instances, it seems there really should be a test to pass when you reach a certain age…what that is, i don’t know, but it should be considered.

  2. Holy shit I used to go into that shop when I rode for ShoAir. Crazy that girl got out of the way in time

  3. My mom is getting close to 80. I tremble at the thought of her doing something like this.

    Im glad no one was injured except the girl. (Before the accident obviously), but it does look like she got lightly tagged, and as Ive had knee surgery then wore a brace like that, Im sure even a light bump that she got hurt like a motherfucker.

  4. …zippity fucking do da…that car didn’t just ‘nose in’, break the front windows & stop…nosireee…that ol’ girl looked to be doing a good 65mph ’til she decided to stop for a luna bar…

    …glad nobody was hurt & hey…if there was anything about the remodel the shop owner’s weren’t sure about, now they’ve got a second opportunity…

  5. We took driver’s licenses away from both my grandmothers when the time was right. Yes, there needs to be testing every year of some sort once they reach a certain age. Those folks are lucky. Grandma was not slowing down for the drive thru!

  6. That chick with the busted knee has some real bad mojo. Black cloud all over her shit. She ought to be at home resting her leg for the healing process instead of sharing bad luck.

  7. Holy crap!

    Our family pulled my old man’s license, he was pissed but we just sat him down and said “Do you want to be the douchebag that kills a kid?” He didn’t. My mom was going to quit at 80 but some guy ran a light and totaled her car at 79. She was fine quitting then. Same thing, she didn’t want to be the old lady that hurt somebody. It ain’t that hard people. If your elders are losing their shit pull their keys before somebody gets hurt. My old man used to tell me when I was young and stupid “A car is a lethal weapon, handle it as such”. Word.

  8. some old dude with an oxygen tank and a cigarette “merged” over on me then flipped me off. Old people need to get properly retested. Plus, in our Prescription heavy society, some of them are wasted outta their minds.

    It musta been tough to take the keys away from your parents, but much easier than going to the funeral of an innocent. Kudos.

  9. If I make it to 85 I will be only calling cabs so I can sit in back and drink beers while laughing at all the road ragers.

  10. Shit you not, this happened at the bike shop i work at about 12 months ago. There is a bagel shop up the way from us and one of the workers did not engage her parking brake when she went to work, the car rolled and went right through our front window. No one was hurt either, thankfully, but we have the video of it also, pretty crazy.

  11. I remember a teevee program about a Japanese inventor who invented a combo gas/brake pedal ala DoubleTap–in which the pedal was depressed to stop and pushed sideways with the foot to accelerate–of course this genius and his invention have been shunned by the auto industry for years–but this would stop pedal confusion–having only one pedal to stomp on.

  12. …edgarallanepo…do you honestly think that there could ever be a mechanical ‘fail-safe’ that would eliminate the problem ???…

    …the source of the problem is the brain, not how many pedals are involved & if someone can fuck it up with two pedals, i guarantee they’ll find a way to fuck it up with one…

    …if you solve one problem, you’re likely to create another of equal consequence…

    …if it wasn’t unintended acceleration, we’d have constant unintended deceleration & a lot more ‘rear enders’

    …anyway, just sayin’…

  13. Gunnar has been a douche factory for years. Rude doesn’t even begin to hit it. As a resident of Wisconsin, I can tell you NO ONE in the industry would be caught on one of their overly priced, under built, living on the fame of old Schwinn POS’s.

  14. Me, I find myself wondering if I could have dodged that bullet the way those two did. As much as I would like to think I’m a bad-ass, that might have been a deer in the headlights moment for me.

  15. It’s Rock N’ Road (not Rock no Road)… great shop, just got done with a remodel too. Looks like a bit more remodeling coming.

  16. Welcome to Rock N’ Road. Please enjoy our newly remodeled shop including a conenient drive through.

  17. I think everyone should be retested every few years. Not just elders.

    If not for a metal barrier that would have been me 21 years ago. Started the car not remembering I had the stick in gear. Car roared up, popped a curb and hit said barrier. I’ve driven automatics ever since.

    Stupidity is ageless.

  18. Is this place in Arizona? Arizona is where you get your license renewed every 45 years. If you think I’m joking, take a look at an AZ license.

  19. In Australia, where my dad is from, nobody over the age of 80 is allowed to drive. A bit strict, but it is safe.

  20. How the hell is she still driving? Don’t you have regular driving tests for senior citizens over there? At least no one was standing there at the time, that’s something to be thankful for.