Biker down

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This is from last Sunday.

According to a Tucson Police Department press release, 56-year-old Albert Eugene Brack was riding east on Escalante when the driver of a Ford F150 pickup veered into the bike lane and struck Brack from behind.

The driver of the truck fled the scene. The truck was spotted a short time later and the driver, 48-year old Edward Gomez Nava, was located on foot a short distance away from the pickup.

Officers are investigating whether alcohol was involved.

Nava was was arrested and charged with one count each of 2nd Degree Murder, Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Collision, and Criminal Damage — all felonies.

Brack was taken to a local hospital, but died from his injuries.

The crash occurred around 9 a.m. near the intersection of Escalante Road and South Calexico Avenue.

More on the crash here:

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16 Replies to “Biker down”

  1. Is there any rhyme or reason as to when drivers are ticketed/charged ??

    Or does it just depend on the State your in or the state of mind of whatever fuckwit(my new favorite word) is in charge ?

    As much as I truly hate Washington, I think a national standard is required.

    I feel dirty for saying that. I need a shower.

  2. …non sequitur…a simple shout out to all the firefighters, emt’s & their like, who volunteered to help others 10 years ago today…

    …not in a somber mood but just remembering & being grateful…

    shit happens – it’s all in how people respond…

  3. Shit does happen, BGW and it’s refreshing when the men in blue act promptly and correctly instead of waiting months to decide if someone should be charged with a crime or not.

  4. Another sad case of cyclist versus auto. This is unfortunate yet I’m thankful that the driver was apprehended.

  5. This accident was right next to my home in a stretch of road that is a rather wide boulevard with a bike lane. The rider was about 40 feet from a stop sign at the top of a tall climb….no excuse and no mercy. RIP

  6. Triple F—

    Seems like the men in blue only react so speedily when the perp is brown. Very glad the guy was apprehended, but, I like to see the “even hand of justice” be more even handed. Seems like many walk for this kind of thing.

  7. …mikey…i knew better than to do as you suggested, but fool that i am, i DID read (endure) the comments after perusing the article…

    …first, i’ll say your point was well taken that most of us (cyclists) also drive at some point & we all pay property tax, even as renters but it’s kinda obvious that there is a high percentage of drivers that will never “accept” us being out there…

    …we’re an affront to their sensibilities for the simple reason that it’s in their heads that we shouldn’t be on the roads & therefore they will never make that acceptance despite the law & the obvious facts…

    …those people are dangerous to the health of any & all cyclists because we are always wrong in their eyes & in any given traffic situation, the fact that they’re propelling thousands of pounds of steel in close proximity of vulnerable human beings literally means nothing to them……

    …& their comments have the ring of cretinous morons…

  8. @Triple— sorry, but not very sorry. And this in Seattle— trying our damnedest to out-San Francisco S.F. itself. It’s chilling to read that people would deliberately threaten cyclists with their two-ton vehicles, and believe that cyclists struck down deserved to die.

    To me, the situation is clear: people are frustrated by the cost and the time investment to drive everywhere. It is stone-cold obvious that driving around is only getting more expensive. Here in Seattle, crossing the bridge into town costs $5 and parking is $3/hr. I reckon a late model, fat-ass SUV costs $1000-1500/month to operate. People are fundamentally stupid and lazy, so they blame cyclists and mass transit for the problems they themselves create. It will get much worse before it gets better.

  9. Triple, yes people are that depraved. Look at the last two debates. The crowd cheered the fact that Perry has overseen the execution of 234 inmates. Whatever your stance on capital punishment, it is something to be somber about. Not cheer. Then in the last one the crowd applauded letting uninsured people die. There are some sick fuckers out there.

  10. el jefe,
    I agree on both points. I saw the first debate live, the second recorded. I was surprised at each instance of just how uncaring and vicious these people act. Letting the uninsured die? How do we get past the Hippocratic Oath?

  11. Look, letting the poor die because they are uninsured is a ridiculous half-measure. Who’s going to pay for all that? The poor should be required by law to report to the steps of the County Morgue and die there.

  12. BJ, and they are doing this, not from the anonymous comfort of a blog, but in a forum where they know damned well they are being filmed.

    Mikey, even that’s a drain. If they want a proper burial, they should dig their own damned grave before they die. Somewhere out of the way, where we can’t see them… Oh, and I’m not paying for the shovel either.

  13. …m’kay…ima head out to dig my own grave…(shit – i been hearing that all my life – “no, no, let him go ahead – he’s digging his own grave”)…

    …maybe we could get some kinda ‘socialized plan’ for shovel sharing, ya ???…