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Gilbert - Balling
Gilbert - Balling

Look, I know it’s been said before, but I’m going to say it again, and probably again next year. Phillipe Gilbert? Fucking Baller. Don’t even front son. He has been throwing it down old skool style out there this year. Riding hard, and winning races from March – September. And while I enjoyed Cadel winning le Tour this year, I’m going to have to out and nominate Gilbert as Baller of the Year (BOTY). As a matter of fact, I’m thinking Drunkcyclist should make this a yearly event. Maybe we can start the nomination process in say, oh, August of next year. That way, a big ass chunk of the road/mountain season is over and done with, and we already know who has been out there swinging it hard.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I drove cross country with a friend of mine who got a new job in Cali at Specialized, and she needed someone to drive with her. I volunteered. While we kind of made the trip rather fast, in 6 days or so, we had some chances to stop in various places and ride our bikes on the way out. Riding in the desert is hot yo. We rode in the Petrified National Forest, and didn’t get started until like 11, and fuck and me. Hot. I don’t care about this “dry heat” bullshit, hot is hot. That being said, un-believable scenery out there. I was surprised that I liked riding in the desert so much, and liked the back drop. Here is a word to the wise though. If it’s August, DO NOT ride in Little Rock, AR. It was hot, AND unbelievably humid there. And the roads, well, the ones we experienced, not so good. We didn’t explore that much though, as I’m sure there are good places to ride around there. If I’m ever going to ride down there again though, it won’t be until like, oh, February.

I wished I had more time on the road, I would have looked your Arizona hooligans up. Next time fo sho. I am happy to report that we did stop at The Big Texan, home of the 72 ounce steak challenge, and no, I did not take up the mantle of that challenge. That is just way too much beef hombres. Also, one other thing. Don’t plan on finding a local bike shop open in the bible belt on a Sunday. I needed a new set of tires, and few odds and ends, and we had to drive to Little Rock from Knoxville, TN to find a damn shop that was open. They were though, and if you’re ever in Little Rock (again, don’t know why you would be), and need something of a cycling nature, go and see the guys at Racer’s Ready bike shop in North Little Rock. Good folks in there.

Anyway, see below, some pics from the trip.

Riding in the foothills of VA.
Riding in the foothills of VA.
Boys in Texas DO know how to cook a steak
Boys in Texas DO know how to cook a steak


Driving in Texas - yuck
Driving in Texas - yuck
Nice bike lanes in the ABQ
Nice bike lanes in the ABQ
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18 thoughts on “Re-balling…

  1. I want to thank my trainer and my mechanics and all the little people who have helped me win the BOTY.

    You like me, you really like me.

  2. Your post resonates gayness from Phillipe Gilberts chamois ballsack liner. Thia is like reading an eight year old girls Holly Hobby Blog on spankbank.cum. Im a DC loyalist, and could have found more entertainment from reading my aunts panty liner wrapper. Pull yourself up from your strap on bootstraps and post something of worth, douchnozzle.

    Love and kisses.

    Kid motherfucking Dick y’all!!

  3. I happen to know Kid Dick and all I can say is that he pisses on his balls better than anyone. Phill Gilbert rides a cock horse lubed up with freedom fry grease. Giantcu92…do you listen to tina turner when the lights go out? Maybe Kid Dick and I can borrow your richard simmons blueray collection. Kid dick is as american as blaming your farts on the dog.

  4. I’ve seen alot of things in my 60 years on this fucked up shitball whirling through space. Saw the Arizona desert in February. Saw things I couldn’t begin to describe. But I’ve never seen too much beef. 72 ounces? That’s like, what?-four and a half pounds? I’ve alway run out of meat before I ran out of room. Don’t know if I could, but I’d love to push the envelope.

  5. I put down a 72 oz on a couple of occasions 20 some yrs ago. The first 3/4 was great; I was young and broke and wanted to be refunded the $34 though, so I stuffed the last quarter down, finished all the side dishes as required and said thanks for the free meal BT! The one time was late Nov while headed to ABQ to spend the winter training; did a 100+ mile group ride the next day and felt great.

  6. @Kid Dick & training wheels,

    Maybe you two homos, (not that there’s anything wrong with that, yadda, yadda), want to get you URLs correct.

    For both of you to have the same /www, in your names is a bit of a giveaway, don’tcha think?

    Obviously it’s just the one pathetic fuckwit trying to be many people.

    People like you are a waste of bandwidth, move on, nothing to see here..

  7. This is one of my favorite Philippe Gilbert photos. He is drilling it.


    Image source:

    The image is from the 2008 Brabantse Pijl, where Gilbert finished second to Mimosa (Sylvain Chavanel).

    I have never been able to tell if this second photo was taken subsequent or previous to the photo I posted above. He’s aiming for a lower gear and the crowd behind is closer. Could go either way, I suppose. I’d like to think it was the beginning of an attack, rather than the demise of the effort. Who knows, may not even be the same climb.


    Image source:

  8. …hurben – nice fucking bust, amigo & deservedly so…

    …kid (likes to suck) dick & training wheels are one & the same & talk about a self-serving fuckwit…

    …maybe now he can save face by trying to convince us it was all a wonderfully elaborate comedic hoax…

    …but it’s kinda obvious his real skill is being a “self-serving fuckwit”…

  9. The second photo is the first, as evidenced by the bystander to the right. Enlarge, and study positioning of landmarks. Also, look at that shit eatin grin. Hammer down, baller up.

  10. I think the Belgians will totally control the world championships this year and Gilbert wins going away. Even though they say it’s a year for the sprinters.

    If Gilbert DOES win think about this, BMC will have the past three world champions on their team.

  11. You need to get a special jersey made up by Snake with a huge pair of ‘cojones’ (not sure if that’s how it’s spelt, my Spanish is a tad rusty) and the title BOTY on it. That’d rock…..agree with you about Gilbert guy has titanium nads……nuff said.

  12. Yeah, I kind of figured Kid Dick and Training Wheels were one in the same, it didn’t take even having to look at their URLs to figure that one out. Troll is a troll, is a troll.

  13. Sounds like it was a fun road trip, despite the quickness of it all. Did I see a protected bike lane in one of the photos? That seems to be a great idea at least here in dirty jersey, where more people are so busy staring at, and typing on their phones. Where I live there are fantastically wide bike lanes, but a deflector shield would be
    Awesome. Gotta say it is DC and that dessert that has made my winters better