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22 Replies to “Danny is at it again.”

  1. That shit when he’s riding on the cables? Amazing. Well, it’s all amazing. Mad skillz (with a “Z”).

  2. I’m not even worthy to WATCH that.

    I mean how does he…

    what the fuck…

    are you fucking kidding?!

    never mind.

  3. GODDAMNIT Judi, I just posted this, and you beat me by 4 hours?!!?! Fuck. I deleted it and now I need to refresh my DC cred. I have something something…

  4. BP! i looked before i hit publish and didn’t see it on here. wtf? i am sorry!

    BJ – i was gonna do my usual favorites with the minute:second but then thought, wtf, the whole fucking video is rad.

  5. Holy fuck a duck !!!

    Did he really ride that cable ?

    No way. That’s gotta be an optical delusion.

  6. Judi, I think BP meant he posted it without noticing you already had posted it four hours previously. And I know the feeling having done the exact same thing myself!

  7. …considering the actual violent nature of much of that style of riding, i’ve never seen a more elegant human being on a bicycle…

    …danny’s videos are exceptional…no ‘rah, rah, rah, sturm und drang’ loud hype & bullshit’, just the smooth grace of a solitary man doing what he seems to do better than anyone else in the world…

    …you’re a marvel, laddie boy…a sweet fucking marvel & a treasure of the scottish isles…

  8. This guy makes Lance Armstrong look like such a toxic petty pissant asshole. Nice to see that you can be a superstar on a bike and have a lot of class at the same time.

  9. I’m watching the Channel 4 (UK) documentary that this was taken from, “Concrete Circus”, right now…sick flat-land riding, skating, and parkour!