Compassion socks

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Walking around Leadville I was starting to notice these things hugging peoples calves, so I started firing off some shots- I hope they help do something fantastic because they look ridiculous.

I don't hate the people, just the socks
I don't hate the people, just the socks
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27 Replies to “Compassion socks”

  1. Oh Dear God, that reminds me of my youth.

    Growing up In South Africa during the 60’s & 70’s a lot of the ‘Adults’ wore Safari suits, complete with shorts & long socks.

    These socks also had a turnover & for added effect they also had a comb sticking out of one of them.

    Thank God I was spared that being a long haired english speaking arsehole. (until the army grabbed me).

  2. Those socks are all the rage at my grandma’s nursing home. White ones are key

  3. looks like an ironman. only we wear the full on “compassion tights”. seriously though, they saved my legs multiple times. i wore mine after mohican for faster recovery. and caveman, you were in my dream last night.

  4. p.s. dc made a pair of compression socks. when i was in AZ at gnomey’s house, we were checking out the socks and he showed them to us. DB threw them down like were on fire. i snatched them up and wear them lots.

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  6. They work. Period. But most useful post-event (and for those of you who spend most of your day on your feet mostly just standing or those who spend their day sitting with little walking)

  7. all I know is that we were at an afterparty where multiple world and national champions in the room, all who just raced 100 miles, all drinking whiskey like water and there wasn’t a compassion sock in the room.

  8. Yup – Judi & Bikescag – after I got wacked by a delivery van & my left leg was crushed (I had my greater saphenous vein removed) I’ve been wearing one for the lymphedema – but only OFF the bike (i.e. at work) – you wear them when you’re NOT competing for fucks sake…I wouldn’t be caught dead rocking those things on the bike!!

  9. The worst part is the marketing that people fall for. These are nothing more than “support hose” packaged and marked up for the cycling crowd. Fools, the lot of us.

  10. Triple F everytime I see your avatar I want to go rub one out…..with compression socks on…..and a pair of white gloves.

  11. I got a blown saphenous vein, just like gorgeous George. I wear that shit for 8-10 hours a day to fix bikes for people that make fun of my socks. to quote the Beatles “whatever gets you through the night…”

    eat shit, haters

  12. KT and Latin.

    Not hating on anyone who wears for medical reasons. Hell. My mom wore socks like that her last 10 years. Blood clots in her legs. Used to help her put them on.

    But as a fashion statement ? With little poofter giraffes on them like tvc’s link shows ??

    Fuck that.

  13. Those couldn’t possibly work well enough to control the cramps I would get from kicking my own ass if I caught myself wearing them with shorts.

  14. Don’t knock’em ’til you try ’em. They’ve helped me recover from serious calf muscle pulls in record time. Granted, I don’t wear them around town though ;P

  15. for cramping, try coconut water. it works well. dominic cramps all the fucking time from a lack of potassium. i make him drink o.n.e. coconut water before he rides with me now. otherwise i end up leaving him on the side of the road, clutching his quads like a freak.

    fff – my mom had to wear her’s after her knee replacement last month. they do work well for blood clots.

  16. I wear Sock Dreams socks all the time! For roller derby. Really helps with the rink-rash problem. (Plus, no one ever suspects a girlie in cupcake socks is gonna kick their butt) But with biker shorts? We already look dorky enough in those outfits.

  17. Yep, I’m another one of those suckers who buggered his greater saphenous vein. Utter pain in the arse. Can’t ride for a month after having the thing ‘poisoned’ out of you, then got to spend way too much of your living budget on fancy sock to look like a cock.