A different type of bike race in France

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Came across some high quality photos and videos on the InterWebs of a different type of bike race going on in France.  While The Chatel Mountain Style lacks the longevity and panache of Le Tour, the shit being pulled on bikes in rather impressive.

Picture 4

Images courtesy of Devon Balet.

Picture 5

More images and write ups available on Pink Bike.

Video of winning run by Cam Zink.

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About 40 Hands

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4 Replies to “A different type of bike race in France”

  1. Fuckin hell… that jump at the beginning, right into a berm. Give me some time to warm up first. Oh wait, I puss out on 4 ft. drops…. never mind. Not enough warm up in the world for me.

  2. Holy cow Batman. That vid was insane in the membrane. I would shit my pants and fall over dead at just the thought of trying that.

    Props to Cam.

  3. That vid was definitely cool, but I didn’t like the version of anarchy in the UK they used…some Iron Maiden would’ve been better…