Pugs do Alaska

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Even though I live in the desert, I am closer and closer to buying a Pugsley every day. Now this video is pushing me even closer …

We beach biked out of Yakutat and bear trail bumbled along Alaska’s outer coast, then trailless stumbling and ocean paddling brought us into Glacier Bay.

We carried all gear and food from the start, drinking from fresh and glacial streams, cooking in driftwood fires, sleeping just above high tide.

Thanks to Average Joe for the link. I think I need to go plan a trip now.

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21 Replies to “Pugs do Alaska”

  1. I would honestly never come back.

    And I’ve been scoping out the Pugsley for a while. Something to handle the North-East winters I have to endure.

    Either that or I move.

    Still deciding…

  2. I saw recently somebody made a “Pugstigator” by putting a Pugsley fork on an Instigator…the rear tires were 2.5, and he kept the front Large Marge, ect. Sounds like a great idea to me!

  3. THAT was awesome! What a great trip and some great video/photo work. I for one live with mosquitos like that and can understand the frustrations in setting up/tearing down camp, eating, answering natures call etc. Mosquito bites on yer ass do not take kindly to a bike seat!

  4. Fat bikes rule!!! ;))
    This video never gets old!!
    Quit thinking about a Pug, get one!!
    Be it sand or snow, or anything in-between; you’ll never regret owning a Fat bike!!

    Peace, Joboo

  5. pugz luv, they make off road biking fun like a kid again. unlike every other bike being pretty close to a race bike, fat bikes are for partyin; exploring, and man do they rip singletrack desert exploration is amazing too , and i just built a punky, karate monkey with a pugz front end. niner outer diameter the same as pugz, check out what jeff jones as been building at jones bikes too

  6. Killer vid. Doom does inspire.
    Pugs are pretty much the best thing on two wheels!
    They’re good fer jumpin’ stuff, and probably the only way you should increase your footprint on this planet.

    Sz probly race one this weekend.
    Oh, and they are still good on snow, too: http://stomparillaz.blogspot.com/2010/03/tour-defiance.html

    Thx Dirty. (headed down to T’ride THIS weekend, so by the time you get there, Slappy’ll be primed fer stompin’!)

  7. DB,

    Thank you so much for sharing that. Been doing a lot of soul searching of late and I really needed to see that. Made me realize that no amount of $ is worth the bullshit to get it if you can’t enjoy life with friends.

    Thanks dude

  8. Hey Dirty, Have one of these. It have a 20in x 3.0 tire, can ride anything, plus more torque w/ a 20in tire. Be willing to part w/ it for a good price. I am in Tempe. It has All new components on it. Ill send ya pics, or you can come by and ride it. Cheers, Nik

  9. Dr. Doom is the man – way to represent D-town! Roman Dial is a baller too! Great musik accompanying the images…

  10. I will do this one day…! Touring or bikepacking on fat bikes is a really good time. You should see how well they do in Baja!

    Thanks DB!

  11. just so you know…
    the national park service can shove their public urination ticket straight up officer todd bruno’s arse!!

  12. I am late to this comment party, so I hope this makes it through.

    You desert dwellers should not buy a Pugsley. The Moonwalk and its accessories are coming out soon. Larger rubber, wider rims, fancy frame manipulations. Sand will surrender to you if you wait. The Surly employee, who shall not be named lest he lose his job, let us (my friends and I) ride the unreleased stuff two weeks ago and it was fab. The pug is great for snow but something better is coming for sand.

  13. @burnt … good to know. I tried getting surly to let us demo some stuff for the site and they told me “it isn’t in our current business plan” … sometimes it kinda sucks that they are the only game in town for fun, affordable bikes