Blow out comb

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All the way live.
All the way live.

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6 Replies to “Blow out comb”

  1. This the wood ( the article mentions a trade name )
    Environmentally Responsible
    Red Balau decking comes from managed-growth forests that are replanted in a program of sustainable agriculture. This program is overseen, coordinated and supervised by the Forestry Department of the Indonesian Government and is funded by the International Monetary Fund.

  2. It is pleasing on the eye, but anything that’s funded by the IMF and overseen by the Indonesian Government is, in my opinion, dodgy.
    Balau is used for decking and yes it’s supposed to be “sustainable” (which, again, is just bullshit marketing greenwash). Chopping out Indonesian hardwood forests to make bikestands? No thanks, I’d rather just put mine up against a tree.

  3. …i prefer to think that a huge giant who lives on the other side of the universe combed the hipsters out of his beard & they feel into a black hole in time & space, never to return & all that was left were their bicycles, still stuck in his comb…

    …but that’s just me…

    …in reality, while we’re more environmentally aware than ever before & have learned to replant for ‘sustainable’ harvesting, the quality of new growth timber is comparative crap as the practice evolves because we’ve learned to doctor growth rate at the expense of quality…

    …no matter how well we progress into the future, we still constantly manage to bite the hand that feeds us…

  4. Curmudgeon that I am, I still realize art has it’s place in the world.

    This is original and nicely done.