Smells like death today…

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I woke up this morning to a rowdy smell coming from my attic and I believe there is something dead up there. Got people from out to town coming tomorrow so this is just some perfect timing for some good ol’ death smells. Found this video yesterday and thought it would be perfect for today. Happy fucking Sunday.

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6 Replies to “Smells like death today…”

  1. RIP GG! hope you get that death smell out of your house. probably bats or some crazy shit. take pictures when you find the source of the smell.

  2. I chose never to see GG live, but I love seein’ Hank III live. There just is something about twang, punk, and metal all mashed together that is irresistable.

  3. If it’s bats, take care of that shit, literally and figuratively, pronto! There was a house in our neighborhood that had an infestation and they were forced to remove the roof…trusses and all…to remove the bats and the guano…

  4. I one of only 2 people I know to actually see GG in concert. Around 90-92. It was scary and gross and legendary and I still tell the story today.