I Look Humanity in the Face, and I Blink…

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My wife and I have been in nonstop travel mode since before Thanksgiving, and about an hour ago, I just got home from Vegas and realized how much I just want to stay at home for, like, an entire month. Alas, Snowbird is calling next month, though I suppose I shouldn’t complain. A week slopeside might just be the most relaxing thing I ever experience, though if my first turns of the season this past week is any indication, I may be in trouble.

Here’s some highlights, lowlights, and thoughts about current events that I get to throw at ya, because I can, yo.

—Just saw Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zumanity‘ in Vegas last night. My initial thoughts, as I posted on facebook, were that the show was weird, and there were lots of boobs. My wife then got mad at me because I did not say it was awesome. To this I replied, “I said it was weird and there were lots of boobs. What is not awesome about those two things?”

—It’s about t-minus two months until Old Pueblo, and after a few months of “TRAINING”, a word I use in the loosest sense, I feel as though I am in better shape this year than I was for last year’s two-lap disaster. I have also relearned the unpleasant sensation that is ‘trainer taint’, or the numbness associated with sitting on the trainer for too long.  Maybe I should just stick to drinking.

I've felt worse.

—After I posted the first DC book review, I received an e-mail from the author asking if I would post a link directly to his website so you could order his book from there. His royalties are better if you order from his website, so I would recommend helping a brotha out and ordering there if you plan on purchasing. Go here. He’s a nice guy who went on a cool journey, and that’s worth supporting.

—Speaking of books and writing, I’m publishing my first novel soon. Be ready to bust out $15.99 for some awesome fiction. More details to come…

—Winter threw its dick down here in Flagstaff, and I hit the slopes last week for the first time in two years. Being poor’s a bitch, so D2 and Co. had to hike it up. The turns I made were unspectacular, the experience was quite the opposite. Fresh turns in a town that allows me to ski in the morning and mountain bike in the afternoon…can’t get much better than that. All this healthy exercisin’ stuff might get me in shape again. Maybe I can be this guy again:

There Goes a Boy Who Really Loves His Bicycle...

I’m going faster in that picture than it may seem.

—There was just a car accident outside my house as I wrote that last sentence. No lie.

—I am about to buy new tires for my mountain bike. Here’s the situation: I just rode some Kenda tires that were awesome…until they wore out completely after about ten rides. I dug the tread, did not dig the soft compound. I need a tire that will last a while, will go tubeless, will corner in the desert (think red rocks and Flagstaff trails, if you’re local…otherwise, think sandpaper in a sandbox). I dug the Geax Sturdy tires, though they were a bit heavy in my opinion. What’s your tire of choice, and for what kind of riding is it great?

I’m gone like the Balvenie in my glass…

I'm Out!
I'm Out!
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About D2

I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

32 Replies to “I Look Humanity in the Face, and I Blink…”

  1. I guess I’m a gurrlz too because I love that doublewood shit, especially for an under $40 bottle of goodness.

  2. I worry for you and humanity if you are looking to “get back” to being camel-back/v-brake/visor race guy. Oh, give the WTB tires a try they do everything that you want, I promise.

  3. Halo- Choir Master 29″
    for what is it great? a front tire in burly shit
    I think it rolls faster than a rampage and it has a more rounded profile than a rampage. may be heavy for a weight weenie but if that is your bag you shouldn’t be on a 29″ wheel. it is wire bead, I have had no problems and have been running it tubeless for some time. the desert? I don’t know about that but if it doesn’t rain I don’t go kayaking soon I am going to think that is where I live!

  4. I run Kenda Kourier 700×38 on a full-federed fixed gear Crosscheck. I have never used my tires as an excuse for not riding.

    Hellbelly: Seriouisly-You LIKE that stuff? Whatever. I’d sooner drink bottom shelf vodka. Whatever works, I guess.

  5. That bike is gone, fortunately. I have moved on to disc brakes, you’ll be happy to know. My humanity is still in tact. The visor is even gone.

    The Camelback remains, though.

    And Balvenie is my new goodness. McAllan is also delicious.

  6. Yo D, nice seeing you again this morning, even if it was over the sounds of some guy wailing over his wrecked car…

  7. You too, Joe. It’s always fun to be the guy who ‘came out of the house’ because he ‘heard a noise’. Good story, right?


  8. f-n hell. You guys can get Balvenie for under 40 bones? I’m gettin hosed for 65+ for same up here. With the dollar at par, I’m seeing a shopping trip on my horizon..

    and Joe, you can get a lot of decent scotches at cask strength. You could put away the liquor version of the purple tin and move up a few rungs on the ladder with a civilized drink. ya-know, hang up the overalls, don a pair of trousers, wash your hands and use a clean glass too..

    I kid. sort of. I actually think wild turkey tastes like it was distilled using old junkyard radiators and filtered through used bandaids but if it works for ya, then hey. fill yer boots as they say.

  9. Kark, I guess that’s why they make all them different kinds of booze. Well cheers anyway, whatever yer drinkin’.

  10. Thread hijack..if visors are so last year, what do you use to keep the sun off your face/out of your eyes? Seriously.

  11. I think I’m running a Rampage (Panaracer?) up front, and a Specialized Captain (or something like that) in the rudder. Works well for Flag/Sedona, and seems to have a decent life expectancy.
    As for the drink, good on ya! A glass of scotch in your hand is a good night in my book

  12. I had a helmet with a visor once, and I ended up giving it to a friend who needed a helmet. For I had two and he had none. Wouldn’t you know it, he broke it. Seems he needed more than I.

    I miss that visor, though. I get enough sun here in the Valley of the Sun. More than enough, thank you very much.

  13. Famous grouse is the wild turkey of scotland. Found that out when touring about aforementioned country en route to sswc07. As per tyres, WTB are friendly nice, For Xmas Niner seems to have granted me a wish via the fb for their wtb exclusive 2.5 tyre which will be straight rad on my sir 9. The wtb dissent 2.5 has been on the front and just like not riding ss no mo, big ol inner tyros make me happy and fasty. Rampages are sweet, Kendal big en, not so much. Specialized for the rear maybe. Biggr tyros on the hardtail shorter stem wider bars. Go faster. Put the lil ones on for race day i guess. Whatev check out the ninerbikes store

  14. No, Famous Grouse is Scotch. Wild Turkey is Bourbon. Bourbon must have a minimum 51% corn. Scotch must have God knows what. Bourbon must be aged a minimum of three years in new oak barrels, after which the barrels are not fit to be used. Except to age bottom shelf whiskey like Early Times. And Scotch.

  15. Oh yeah-Gnome, your avatar looks for all the world like Contador’s B sample. Probably tastes like it too.

  16. –“I always thought Scotch was whiskey that couldn’t get a green card.”

    Best line so far.

    This thread is awesome. That is all.

  17. you guys drink likker from glasses other’n the jar what it come in? Big-city dandies, I guess!

  18. Gnome.

    That last pic screams, “Yep. I’maa gonna finish this bottle off, and make that there dog go SOOEEEEEEE !!!!!

    Just kidding man. Great story. Merry Christmas and have a good new one.

    Just keep your hands on that there dog OK ?

    Thinking of adopting one myself. They do bring something truly special in to the house.

  19. I got some that there bourbon up on the shelf too. Got some Makers, love the Knob Creek, and really dig the Bulleit.

    But Scotch is better.

    ‘fiddich. Yes.
    ‘Laphroaig if you love smokey.
    Balvenie is my new delicious.
    Macallan is my old delicious.
    And Red Breast is for those lonely nights by the fire.

  20. …glad i didn’t have a son back with i enjoyed the serious hootch…

    …i’d hate to have ‘johhnie cash’-ed ‘im with a name like “wild turkey” just ‘cuz it would a’ seemed appropriate…

    …then again, a daughter named “dickel” would a’ been worse…

    …just sayin’…

  21. D2, your scotch list looks an awful lot like my shopping.
    So, based on apparently similar tastes pick up a GlenKinchie. (lowland). banged my head on a bottle for the first time a short while back and was over-the-moon impressed. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Gnome, r/e “whiskey sweetened for sissies” I think you meant Irish whiskey. Should be called dessert whiskey.