Can I get a fuck yea, it’s OVER!

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The last two days have been the longest two days of my life. I chose to work the holiday, both Friday and Saturday. It’s real fucking hard to say no to double time monies for 11+ hours, but this year, it just wasn’t worth it. We were slammed, travelers stranded all over the world. Lots of people changing reservations to try and avoid the oncoming snowstorm (ha!). It was hell. I am glad we only have one more holiday to go and we can move the fuck on.

my view

I was mashing the big gear for a while today on my rollers. MY rollers are especially rad because they have wood built around them with bumpers to keep me from crashing constantly. My husband built them for me. I ride them a ton in the winter. My livingroom consists of rollers on one side of the room, trainer on the other side of the room, and a couch for my dogs. That’s about it, except for the bookcase and TV which sits in front of the trainer. I am all psyched because the livingroom is officially being transformed into a bike room this winter. Shelving for all my shit and new paint to match the gorgeous bike art we got for our wedding. What the fuck, right? Who needs a livingroom, for real.

Dominic brought this note home from work the other night. He said three other customers asked about my blog.

note cheri pi

To those of you that asked about MilesandMadness, thanks. My buddy James has been offering to host my site for a while so I finally said what the fuck. We’ll see what happens with it. I’ll link it up when it’s time.

I am off till Thursday bitches. I am going to hit the trails to run (fuck riding in the snow unless someone gives me a Pugsley), run some steps, lift some weights, ride the fucking trainer, and get ready for another shiteous holiday weekend of madness at work.

Have a great week.


Mark just posted this on Facebook:

katie worl cup

Katie dominated Zolder World Cup.

Katie Compton Dominated the race again winning from the front with almost a minutes lead on Marrianne Vos.

Gnome, I am telling you, she needs her own label.

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7 Replies to “Can I get a fuck yea, it’s OVER!”

  1. Sounds like a stressful way to make a living. been there done that. I assume you’re on the phone with these people. the next time one of them gives you a hard time say politely, “Can I put you on hold?” then Play this…

    If they don’t chill, hang up on ’em. That’s what I would do. But then again, maybe that’s why I’m unemployed.

  2. Thanks so very much for sharing this Judy, I’m dying to rig up my rollers for free motion. From the link I’ve figured out most of the basics of the construction, but could you tell me what he used for the springs in front and rear?

    Thanks, and keep hammerin’!

  3. You saw the new living room set up — it is now affectionately known as “Bike Land”. One set of rollers, one trainer, three bikes, four shelves of bike gear, one wall of jerseys. On the other side of the room — tv, stereo. If it doesn’t have anything to do with bikes, it does not go on that side of the living room/dining room space. Hockey bag and sticks are the only exception.