Cold. Cranky. Indoor workouts that rule.

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I don’t plan on doing a bunch of road racing next year, but I wanted to mention something cool happening for women’s road racing in the IN/KY area this year. Big Dave will charge Cat 4 women only 5 bucks to race the Kentuckiana Spring race series. It starts in March. That’s pretty rad. I hope this brings out more women (who will more than likely kick my ass, since I am staying a 4 next year). He’s also doing equal payouts for men and women 1/2/3’s. Holla!

Winter has come in with a bang here in Cincinnati, the last two weekends have left us with a few inches of snow on the ground. Yesterday’s storm left us with another 5 inches. Needless to say, I have been riding the trainer, doing endurance intervals all week. I stupidly tried to ride my MTB outside last Sunday, while the temps were dropping and the snow falling was just turning into one big sheet of ice. I fell HARD on my ass and was done after an hour. I seriously bow down to all of you commuters, out in this shit everyday. Hard asses.

fall on my ass ride 006

Indoor workouts don’t have to suck. Besides rollers/trainer, there are steps. Crosley Tower at UC has 16 flights of steps. A lot of people go there to run steps in the winter. I first did it with Low Brow 3 weeks ago. That night we ran them 6x’s. My legs and ass burned like a motherfucker. The next week we had a couple guys join in, and I made it up 8x’s. This past Tuesday night I ran them 10x’s. That’s 160 fucking flights of stairs. Yowsa. Workouts like this are going to keep this ass in check. It’s fucking HARD to keep that shit lifted after 40.


Gnome sent me this article yesterday. There is an explanation for all the pussy ass, anonymous assholes that like to hide behind a computer and post mean shit. It comes at a good time since my own blog is getting hit with nasty comments. Cheers!

Psychological research has proven again and again that anonymity increases unethical behavior. Road rage bubbles up in the relative anonymity of one’s car. And in the online world, which can offer total anonymity, the effect is even more pronounced. People — even ordinary, good people — often change their behavior in radical ways. There’s even a term for it: the online disinhibition effect.


* This is a hilarious video from All Hail the Black Market’s Facecrack page. They say she’s drunk but I am thinking this woman is just a pot head.

* Consumerism is upon us. Cool dog collars. Made with bicycle tubes and works as a bottle opener too.

* A new kind of garter belt.

While we were out sticking DC stickers on inappropriate objects, we also poked around in the record store. I found The Pixie’s Surfer Rosa for 5 bucks. I’ve been driving around with it in my car all week. This is my favorite song on there.

YouTube Preview Image

Have a great weekend.

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15 Replies to “Cold. Cranky. Indoor workouts that rule.”

  1. Note that those fine legs belong to Kevin, who, only 7 months ago had not one, but TWO surgeries on his shattered knee cap… and yet he still kicked my ass up those steps. Asshole.

  2. my stud tars are under the tree, can’t wait.

    My concern is long descents— how fast can you roll??

  3. mikey, I think the answer to that is sort of like the old Russian saying, “It is not how well the bear can dance, but that he dances at all”.

  4. You only really need the studs on ice. I rode the rigid singlespeed in a couple inches of snow today with standard tires, no problem. Trails are about as perfect as they can get for Chicago in December, couple icy spots…and no crowds to speak of as it was 9 freakin’ degrees with a -5 windchill. Oh yeah. Should have gone with the full tights instead of knickers.

  5. My application is riding around here at the ski area. The surface varies from sheer ice to dry pavement. Stud tars seem like they’re required on sheer water ice or compact snow. My favorite skating trail is a 250′ vertical, one-mile descent from the casa. In summer, I spin out and roll 35 mph in the tuck. On ice…?

  6. On ice maybe a fixed gear of around 65″. And a front disc. Slap your studs on that and you won’t have to stop until you want to. On descents with that gear you’d be maybe 25 mph and spinning pretty good, but with a disc brake you can haul ‘er down pretty quick.

    Hey, at least you won’t be riding the trainer.