A change in perspective

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Amazing what a few years can change.

Brian Holm has admitted that doping was a widely accepted, everyday activity back in the late 1980s and early 1990s when he was riding as a pro cyclist but insisted that riders’ attitudes have changed greatly, with doping now being the exception, rather than the rule.

He knew nothing about doping when he turned pro in 1986. “But then you heard more about it and eventually it became so commonplace that we thought that it wasn’t banned any more,” Danish website spn.dk reported him as saying.

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The Dane now sees more self-discipline amongst riders today than when he was a rider. “During my time as a rider there were rumors about those who had never used anything, but I never got to meet any of them. Today it is just the opposite. Now one hears rumors about those who do (use doping).”

“The new generation of riders look down on those who use drugs as if they were a bunch of criminals. They simply do not like them.


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  1. That’s how they rolled in the good old days. Hard riding partying fools. Anything for a boost! Holm is still a tough looking mutha.