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Snake sent me an email the other day.

Do you remember me saying something this year about the tour de france and after the protest stage about some manager saying to race their bikes or go back to the factory?

Yeah. I remember. Dude’s were getting soft. Snake found the link.

Career change, anyone?
If there was also a daily prize for hand-wringing, yesterday’s might well have gone to Omega-Pharma directeur sportif Roberto Damiani. “Riders who don’t want to race in these conditions ought to ask themselves whether they’d rather go and spend their day in a factory,” Damiani commented of Monday’s go-slow.

You know who worked in a factory painting trucks until he went pro at the ripe old age of 29? Ludo Dierckxsens. He was hard as nails.

Snake’s parting shot:

Fuck yeah. Hard man.

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6 thoughts on “HTFU

  1. Sounds like the people around who bitched all Summer that it was too warm to ride. God (or whoever) forbid that folks are forced to ride in 90+ degree sunshine…
    I’m sitting here waiting for the whinging about the cold to begin…

  2. Fuck that. Them boys over there aren’t working third world labor. They can get a fucking IT job just like any other D3 washup over here.

    I get tired of hearing this bullshit about a Euro having to go crack rocks in a fucking salt mine if they can’t make it as a cyclist. Shit ain’t no Gulag, mans. All those Eurobro’s got iphones just the same as here. Fuck em.

  3. Jesus Christ, Gnome, you heard what the French “workers” been up to? They been striking and rioting and shit. Got the airports all but shut down, I heard. Reason? Their gub’mint (such as it is) wants to raise the retirement age. To 62, for the love of God! Hell, I’m 59 and the way things are going, before I get to retire I’ll die on the job. Ofr on unemployment, the way these shitheads are trying to copy Europe.