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4 Replies to “One for the weekend”

  1. It’s a holiday…? I been gone too long…

    I’ll be getting wild in the Streets later, as it’s my postponed birthday weekend blowout.

    Happy 40 to fuckin’ me.

    Get crazy, get drunk, burn some meat and play (it) loud.

  2. happy birthday bike punk, 40 is the new 20, doncha know. i wont get drunk but i will play it loud! thanks for getting me fired up this morning, dirrrty.

  3. …i’ve been “runnin’, runnin’ wild in the streets” longer, faster & harder than you could ever imagine…

    …happy fucking birthday, bikepunk…@ 40 w/ a new kid, i’d say you’re just fully warmed up…time to enjoy the road in front of you…