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8 Replies to “Petacchi takes Vuelta Stage 7”

  1. Jonny, the video ups are coming a little early, I don’t get to see the Vuelta until 5-7 p.m. PDT and it’s more entertaining if you don’t know who won. I suppose I can just avoid this page like I avoid cyclingnews until later in the evening…

  2. …holy crap…

    …thanks for alerting us, sommerfliesby…there was nothing on yahoo even when i kicked on my computer @ 12 noon left coast time, so ‘yours’ was my first indication…

    …i just sent hurben a quick e-mail & i’ll let you know as soon as i hear anything….

    …a 7.1 @ 4:35am ???…any large quake is scary but one that large in the sleepy dawn hours must be terrifying…

  3. …note from hurben via e-mail after i mentioned that drunkcyclist folks were concerned about his health n’ welfare: “Hi BGW,
    Thanks for your concern, appreciate it.

    Me & mine are fine, we’re up in Auckland in the North Island & the quake was in Christchurch down & the South Island.

    I’ve got friends down there & I’ve checked that they’re okay as well, no damage.

    Fortunately the quake happened in the early morning & the worst hit areas were mainly in the city center which was pretty much empty at the time.

    No fatalities reported & only two critical injuries , (one from a falling chimney & one from glass), so we got off pretty lightly.

    NZ & Australia are pretty good at dealing with disasters & the recovery effort has already started.

    It was a shit of a day all round, we also had a plane full of sky divers crash, 9 dead.”

    …glad to hear the good parts, bud & my heart goes out to those who did suffer losses…

  4. Team,

    Thank you all for your concerns.

    It could have been a lot worse, we’ve been really lucky.

  5. I live in Christchurch in the middle of the quake, very lucky to have nobody I know hurt and no property of mine damaged, a bit surreal riding my singlespeed around the place seeing a number of buildings collapsed, chimneys smashed, etc… Very lucky to have been at 4:30am, most people at home in bed rather than in the central city where a big number of brick buildings have fallen to pieces. A bit wierd that 5 and 6 on the scale aftershocks shaking things every hour or so are now ‘no big deal’!

  6. @Specialneedz,

    It’s that Kiwi attitude kicking in.

    Seriously, I’m glad that you’re okay.

    Shit of a thing to happen, especially to such a beautiful city.