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11 Replies to “LA Bingo”

  1. You can add ” my hip hurts ” to that Bingo card . Pharmstrong pulls out of LVT100 ! Its official . So I’ll take the livestrong FREE SPOT .

    This is a huge fuck you to all the people who were tricked in to drinkimg the kool aid . CTS , Honey Stinger , Trek , LiveStrong ,Michalobe ,FRS ,Qakley , bontrager , everybody .

    Your pitchman is falling from grace and he is still lieing about everything ! Back to normal at LVT100 . He doesn’t care , he is the definition of a fraud artist . I hope Novitski chops his only ball off and smashes it with a jack hammer . I think the walls are closing in on uniballer ………

  2. yeah this seems a little odd…this type of “man of the people” stunt seems pretty key for the publicity machine these days. maybe he’ll just tweet a group ride instead.

  3. he has a cancer foundation! he was really really good already as a junior! and he touched my hand once at TOC! no way he doped!

  4. STM FTW.

    Mixed feelings about the LT100 bail. Good and bad. Lotsa good for sure. One bad: was hoping the younger and/or tougher field this year might ride LA off the wheel. Or at least the midget. But we all did kind of smell the bail coming, didn’t we; how long does it take to recover from a self-inflicted pedal strike?

  5. That is fucking hilarious…. I am glad that I got bumped from LT 100 so that he could get his crew in and now he fucking bails.

    “EYnnnN. C. – NO CLASS”

    -Arnold from FAT ALBERT

  6. Does anyone know the best way to remove a yellow and black “LIVESTRONG” tattoo?

  7. My buddy in Austin was the “consultant” for the neighbors. He did the gig for free because he loves water and hates Lance, so he now has eternal privileges at Dead Man’s Hole. Went out there with him last summer and got to hear the Arrogant Bastard tale from the source. Good stuff.