Nice view

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I got this ones from the top of the Columbine climb up in Leadville, Colorado. Jackass rode my old frame up there and sent me a photo. I either sold/traded/bartered the frame for something or the other, I’m not even sure what it was. We are prone to do such things, he and I. And, often at that. Nice frameset. I rode that the first time I did Leadville.

My time at the top of Columbine (I’ve been there twice) was usually a hurry-the-fuck-up-eat-something-and-get-off-this-rock deal. Not much time to look around and enjoy the view.

From the top of Columbine.
From the top of Columbine.
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5 Replies to “Nice view”

  1. Lemme guess. This is a covert sellout of Carmichael Training, Blackburn pumps, Cheap Tiawanese framesets, stickers and what? Fucking treeless mountains?

    Way to nail it, Kitchenaid. Way. To. Nail. It.

  2. Damn good thing I know me some basic arithmetic now. Bicycle Immunity is a damn good thing, too. Imagine how it would go over to have “Drunk Driver” stickers on cars!

  3. ahhh, brings back memories – seeing people lay down on the cots scared the get going into me as I struggled to breathe the thin air – my Rocky Altitude was the weapon of choice – anybody else get sore kidneys on the way down the fire road before the singetrack?

  4. I do not recall any singletrack. Nothing but pain in those hills. Nothing but pain.

  5. Yeah, not much single-track. Shit-ass road with only one line? Sure. Some of that.

    Still. Incredibly painful.

    All those that dismiss it as, ‘oh, it’s all fire road’ should go try it once. It’ll knock you down a notch.