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24 Replies to “If I drank, I would like to try this”

  1. Got a 6er in my fridge right now. It’s real bitter…like a bitch should be.

  2. I just bought a 6 pack of this last weekend … extremely hoppy to the point of bitterness. I know PBR and this is not PBR.

  3. Belgian style IPA? Sounds wrong to me. I love IPAs, not so much the Belgian style beer… Have to see if it shows up in the local Crack n’ Pack’s…

  4. I’m a brewer, and I have to agree with el jefe. Belgian style IPA makes no sense. But, I’d love to try it. I presume it’s just an IPA using a trappist yeast to ferment it, and perhaps fermented warm. Never heard of such a thing, could be delicious.

  5. Great Divide has a Belgian-style IPA as well. Not my thing. To me it’s kind of like fusion food. Lo mein and marinara do not work together. Much like overly hopped beers and funky Belgian yeast.

  6. I can appreciate a good Belgian style beer for what it is and as a quality example of the style, but they’re not my thing. There are some good ones out there (Anderson Valley makes a great one), but most of the mainstream ones (Fat Tire, I’m talking to you…) seem out of balance. Too sweet, not enough hops, and off flavors from the yeast. No base, just cloy.

    IPA’s are generally better, but there are plenty of examples of brewers just throwing hops at a beer with no thought into how they balance. Mongo like hops…

  7. It’s good stuff Judi- I live in MD and there is a Wine/Microbrew store 1.7 miles from me (yes, I’ve clocked it on my cyclocomputer) and on Friday’s from 4-7 the store has a wine/beer tasting. The guys from Flying Dog came down and had samples- they have a good one called Horn Dog too

  8. Has a smooth intro like a Trappist ale, and then a very bitter aftertaste. Different, for certain.

  9. Humpty ain’t had the 120 minute IPA?

    Wear two pair of socks. Seriously.

  10. No joke electricjoe, that stuff will makes the tongue sizzle. Hoppy isn’t even close to adequate in describing that stuff.

  11. Judi, what question? About the dark appearance of your thumb in that pic? Trick of the light? I dunno. What were we talking about.

  12. I love all things Dog [Flying Dog or DogFish Head] … what’s it say on the DFH:120 IPA label “Feel the burn? That’s the disease … AND the cure!”