Flying the Colors

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Would you believe I forgot to get this one posted up? For nearly a month?

From: DJB
Subject: More shameless DC representation
Jonny: The Test of Metal was on June 19th, and as usual approximately 800 other rider show up.

Once again the DC jersey drew the comments from fellow racers, the best part is it is easy to spot me in the crowd.

I managed a personal best this year with a time of 3:50. I would have been quicker but a fellow racer went down in front of me. My front tire was punctured by his chain ring.

We both heard the distinct sound of a flat and both of us are hoping it is the others tire losing air.

Buddy got back on his bike as I was swearing like a fiend, his last words were “sorry dude, that’s racing buy ya beer at the finish”


Test of Metal 2010.
Test of Metal 2010.
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16 Replies to “Flying the Colors”

  1. I think we need to send him a 10th anniversary jersey when they’re done.

    He was the brunt of laughter during the short time trial for wearing a novice looking outfit. Rather than wear a blank racing skin suit, he chose to sport a grey baggy T-shirt and nondescript black cycling shorts with his numbers sloppily pinned on the back, loose enough to catch wind and create a small sail.

  2. DJB…awesome…suddenly I feel fit. Good on Floyd. I’m sure his burden no longer weighs a ton, so let the number flap.

  3. …too bad he didn’t make the podium…

    …would a’ looked good up there in stark contrast to the kid in the ‘trek/livestrong’ jersey…

  4. was hoping he tanked to allow the long break today, but forgot it was a prologue and distance from first was minimal….

  5. Speaking of shameles dc represent’n, I will be spending ten great september days in AZ as I celebrate some memorable thinks. Does anyone have a date or will I just have to make one.? Stay tuned to a couch/wife surf near you.

  6. ps. my dob is
    periodical table for a welfare sense of mind.

  7. so light and fluffy brown,
    they’re the finest in the town

    so light and fluffy white,
    we’ll make a fortune by tonight