Nice Kick.

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The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an internal investigation after one of its officers was caught on camera apparently kicking a cyclist during a protest against oil giant BP.

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Critical Mass rides always bring out the best in the cycling community and in law enforcement. And by “best” I pretty much mean worst.

Video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube, shows what appears to be a police officer stepping out and kicking at a passing bicycle.

“Whoa, what the f*** [sic] was that for?” the unidentified cameraman can be heard saying. Moments later, the video shows two officers converge on the cameraman and take him down to the ground.


Video of the incident:

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15 Replies to “Nice Kick.”

  1. “Critical Mass rides always bring out the best in the cycling community and in law enforcement. And by “best” I pretty much mean worst.”
    couldn’t agree more.
    I am not the type to go around making sweeping statements like “I hate cops” but I certainly do hate asshole cops.

    Kind of wondering why the police had to use what seems like a rather harsh takedown on the guy filming. Shouldn’t that shit be saved for the guys ditching cars and running away after a shooting? They may have had a good reason to detain him but, really, a takedown? What was he doing, refusing to leave the middle of the road? While filming? Yes, that appears to be some serious stuff. Probably lucky he didn’t get tased while they were at it.

  2. cops will always be cops. that cop was a bike cop that kicked the passing cyclist. that is endangerment. intent to do bodily harm. assault. do you want me to keep going?

  3. …a % of assholes on bikes + a % of asshole cops = critical mass-holes…

    …last weekends c-mass in sf went up n’ over franklin street during rush hour…i can’t think of a better way to alienate those you’re asking to be aware of your presence & safety on bicycles than to block off a main thoroughfare ( did i mention they did it during rush hour – i believe i did) that no ones rides on anyway…

    …but hey…i guess it’s really empowering ‘cuz you get to ride w/ a bunch more “clue nada” folks & have a happy, happy out there in a group…

    …’suppose i’d be the one sounding like an asshole if i called it out as fucking selfish behavior…

  4. I hate, and have always hate critical mass rides. They are possibly the most damaging thing cyclists can do to get motorists pissed off even more at us. It Is just a reason for a bunch of so called “cyclists” to get together and to act like complete fucking douche bags.

  5. @bgw and all, when i lived in SF and was the same age as most of those CM peeps, i rode to piss people off too. we did it on purpose. i remember the messengers specifically cut their bars down so we could squeeze in between the cars. we’d run lights down market st (i was doored once) and just fuck with drivers in general. fuck it. most of them are kids. cyclists are going to make motorists mad with or without critical mass.

  6. I used to stir that particular pot at every opportunity, Judi. Doesn’t really seem worth the effort these days. Reckon I’m just getting old.

  7. Most of us probably did a lot of stuff in our younger years that we look back at now as stupid, irresponsible etc. Still do, on occasion, usually thanks to alcohol, at least in part.

    “clue nada” — never heard that, but love it!

  8. yup, cops being assholes…
    I work with one who “thinks” he’s a cop – he’s got the asshole part down real good…and he the biggest liar I have ever met!

  9. He just LIED again…JESUS CHRIST!!! I cannot work here anymore. I QUIT!!!!

  10. Giantcu92, I share your sentiments exactly. I stopped going to these ‘social’ events because of the painful slowness, the anger of motorists as we blocked traffic – it felt good for about 2 minutes and then I realized how fucking stupid it is. What we need is to open, in every city, a School of Not Driving.