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19 Replies to “Did someone ask for boobs?”

  1. immature, blah, blah, blah, sophomoric, blah, blah, blah, offensive, blah, blah, blah.

    No, really that was pretty funny. Gotta love the internet. It’s like amateur night 24-7/365

  2. Lemme guess, w/o even watching the video…
    The bra on the baby’s ass video…

    2004 called…

  3. …did that guy just say “this is how i used to give it up in the county lock-up”

  4. I knew I was being suckered
    I knew I was thinking with my lower head
    I knew it would end badly
    But still I watched
    Now I feel dirty

  5. Judi, I don’t think you understand that most of us have stared long enough and hard enough at more than enough cleavage to know that was an ass without hitting play.

  6. I know the difference between boobs and man-ass. That was totally man-ass. Unless I’m mistaken…

  7. can i just share with you that i just raced my 1st fucking crit – with PRO’s and shit? and i GOT FUCKING 4TH (out of 9)!!!!!! HELLYEAIDID! i love it. im coming down now off my “bike race rush” but just had to blurt that out to anyone and everyone who will listen. goin’ to bed now.

  8. …rockin’ it, girl !!!…awesome…

    …you’ll have to give us a writeup, let us know about how it evolved & what ‘cha were thinkin’…

  9. judi, you had me. i will never fall for that again.
    no wait i think i will. I’ll prolly fall for anything with boobs in the title