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Damn, how about these apples?? Rock Racing’s Michael Ballsack is said to be the subject of a federal search warrant. The FDA is investigating the possible use of PED’s by former members of his fancy-pants racing outfit. I guess Rock IS Dead…

Michael Ball, owner of Rock Racing Team, is named in a sealed federal search warrant, according to the New York Daily News. The Food and Drug Administration is said to be investigating the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs use by members of the team.

It is not immediately clear whether the search warrant is connected to the FDA’s investigation stemming from Landis’ recent claims of doping within the peloton. However, FDA investigator Jeff Novitzky, who conducted the BALCO investigation and is said to be leading the Landis investigation, helped obtain the search warrant, the newspaper claims.

More over at Cyclingnews.

And in other cycling news, it appears Tom Bonnen is snowed in at the chalet and won’t be making an appearance in this year’s Tour. So, with Hushovd’s form unknown at this point, it could get real exciting for the sprinters this year. Will the Manx Missile rack up another 6 stage victories? I’d love to see Farrar throw a wheel in there and take a stage or two. Stay tuned cuz we’re about to start in just a few weeks!

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9 Replies to “In other news…”

  1. Christmas in June. Is this for real? Gotta be too good to be true. In just over a month, 2 of the biggest phonies in cycling, Lance phArmstrong and Michael Ballsack under investigation for their misdeeds.

    Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

  2. M. Ball does it right…. tells everyone to fuck off and looks stylish doing it… He can teach a thing or two to the guys over at “Evil” cycling.. He’s the James Brown of team owners….

  3. Joe Papp was supposed to be sentenced today; June 25th.

    Anybody find anything? I’ve googled and got zilch.

  4. …flodizzle…next weekend, bud…july 3rd is now 1 week away…

    …& i’m still a fan of“the cav” but ya…some straight up, clean cut, head to head between cavendish & young mr farrar w/ the local kid coming out on top would be awesome…

  5. Cav must be happy to hear that Boonen and Haussler are out due mostly to his dickhead tactics. The sprint stages are gonna be REALLY boring if he dominates like last year.

  6. Someone needs to work a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding deal on Mark Renshaw. Dude is like a locomotive on steroids. Er, I mean turbo or something. Anyway, without Renshaw leadin out Cav, maybe Julian Dean can lead Tyler out for five or six stage wins.