Tuesdays with dirty: Midwest express.

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I’m a day late, what else is new. Fresh off yet another airplane, this time from North Dakota.  I was recruited by an old friend to come up to his ranch and make him some mountain bike trails. With hundreds and hundreds of acres at my disposal I had the unique opportunity of a blank canvas. I was like a kid in a candy shop. There were no rules, no worries of getting busted, and no IMBA!! On top of that, he gave me a quad, a dirt bike and a goddman Bobcat to use. The terrain varried from hobbit forest style wooded areas to wide open rolling plains that reminded me of Fruita. There is even a river and a couple streams to work into the mix. Dirt was moved, bridges were made, and single track was cut…but most importantly, beers were drank.


This was a little different than the adventures I have been on lately. Mainly because my friend is a family man now with 5 little kids running around. Evenings weren’t spent  hitting the bar and picking up chicks as we have done in the past. Instead we hung out on the porch watching the deer swim across the river, or playing catch and even hula hooping through sprinklers with the kids. We found that mixing the kid’s juice boxes with vodka makes a fantastic cocktail. Better yet, we discovered that if you hit a golf ball with a 9 iron and then try to shoot it with a shotgun you will have more fun than you ever imagined. It was an amazing time, and a perfect way to end a wild winter and spring jam packed with travel. The rest of the summer is going to be filled with some stuff closer to home in this great state of Arizona. I have some really interesting rides (read: bad ideas) planned and I look forward to sharing them with all of you. Hopefully by the end of summer south eastern South Dakota will have a nice little riding destination cut into the plains. As for right now it’s blazing hot outside, so I am off to enjoy a beverage at the pool. Until next time….keep it dirty.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

9 Replies to “Tuesdays with dirty: Midwest express.”

  1. God, I love Grain Belt. It is the best cheap beer in America (I think) My brief stint in inner city Minneapolis was punctuated by September porch sitting on Franklin + 3rd and going to the liquor store for 6 packs of GB, to share with neighbors but not passersby.

  2. my old man was a life-long Grain Belt drinker. A few years back, I dragged a laser engineer out to Wadena MN to do some under-the-radar comparison testing between our laser and the competition, and we went into the one bar on main street and I ordered us two Grain Belts and some young lady marched over and read me the riot act for drinking such cheap beer. It was funny as hell.

  3. Man I love being here in Santa Fe, but there is definitely something about the midwest that I miss; Grainbelt included. I haven’t been able to find a single liquer store around here that sell it. Oh well I guess it’s yet another reason to plan a trip back home for a minute.

  4. Gracias, Dirty. Shotgun golf. Like all great ideas, made me think “why didn’t I think of that?”