Downer, by D2.

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I didn’t really want to post this at first because it’s a super downer, but all of us here in Flagstaff, AZ are in mourning. Our peaks are being destroyed as we speak by some careless idiot who couldn’t be bothered to put out his or her campfire. Now over 14,000 acres are burning. This is devastating.

I took this picture right before my Sunday baseball game, about an hour after the fire started.

Stupid careless campers.
Stupid careless campers.

Please, if you come visit us in Arizona, regardless of your political views or whatever else you think of this state, put out your campfires. Be respectful of our wilderness. Trees and forests older than political bullshit died this week because of carelessness. Be careful out there…


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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

23 Replies to “Downer, by D2.”

  1. Bummer… Makes you forget that out east you don’t have to worry about a tsunami of fire rolling over your hood. Hope they cap that quicker than BP. Good luck.

  2. Damn…I’d give you guys 1/3 of the rain we’ve had in the last two months and that shit’d be HISTORY. Dropped 3″ in an hour here this afternoon.

  3. Actually made the newspapers down here, I feel for you.

    What’s great about NZ & OZ, any shit in either country & the Planes are packed & flying aid where ever it’s needed in no time.

    Go Australia, (no, I wasn’t cheering for Serbia in the cup, really, I promise)

  4. Life is a fleeting dream, enjoy what you have when you can. Keep your memories of all the hours spent in heaven- it can all turn to f-ing hell SO quickly.

  5. …when fire involves lives & homes or businesses, it’s obviously quite devastating but a wildfire is a pretty natural cleansing process otherwise…

    …we had about 8000 acres go up in west marin in october 1995, which was big acreage in our little county…a few but not many properties were lost, to obvious consternation & then to drive or ride through the landscape for a good number of years afterward was almost eerie due to the devastation of familiar plant growth…

    …but 10 years later, the new growth was literally phenomenal & it’s now an exceedingly healthy, vibrant area…better than before…
    …mother nature may take away & leave things ugly for a while but she does come back revitalized…

    …just sayin’…

  6. yep.

    horrible, but still, the area needed a good hot scrub, and it got it. In years, it’ll be a new kind of sweet. Even now, the trails will cut through a stark burn, beautiful in its own right. later this summer perhaps, little flowers will start popping up, and the rebuild will begin.

    I will enjoy them nonetheless.

  7. The next problem is going to be with the upcoming monsoons and stabilization of the soils. The charred matchsticks won’t do the job. This area may be closed for some time while they work on errosion control and re-seeding the ground cover.

  8. much of that area was in it’s 12th or year of recovery after the last fire on the north side of elden….

  9. Hey Colonel, I might be paranoid, but that don’t mean they AIN’T after me. Just sayin…

  10. i think is is rather bullshit to try to say this had some sort of political motivation. Maybe thats not what you mean, but thats how it sounds.

  11. @ 18, SChredwebster, Wha!!??

    Don’t get me started on BGR. Dude full tanked on Crazy.

    No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

  12. Politically motivated? No. Not implying that at all. I’m just sayin’ there’s a lot of hatin’ going on against AZ, and no matter what you feel about this state, this fire sucks.

  13. @21 gnome Hey what can I say. When your a miserable piece of shit thieving bastard, like big gay randy. Things like getting forcefully removed from your own bike shop are bound to happen