Boats N’ Hoes.

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It’s hotter than two rats fuggin in a wool sock down here! It’s times like these I dream about sitting on a beach, Tecate in hand and cooling off, far from this inferno. Sitting on a boat would be nice, too. Alas, the best I can do is sitting poolside tomorrow with the Mrs. celebrating our anniversary. A one day reprieve, then back to the studying and books.

TGIF, my friends, TGIF. I present to you some Boats N’ Hoes.

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the day!

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Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

43 Replies to “Boats N’ Hoes.”

  1. This is the kind of shit that causes people who visit as  first timers to be one -timers.

  2. “This is the kind of shit that causes people who visit as  first timers to be one -timers.”
    And we are all better off because of that. Let them visit

  3. hey nuts in a jar, perhaps our viewers would rather read incoherent ramblings about bus engine rebuilds? get over it

  4. sailors suck wind, 1 hour Miami to Bimini vs. 12 hours of tacking…… they to busy messing with lines and sails to knocking bottoms.

  5. Saltyfugu, I ride a fixed gear. Many are faster, but none have more fun.

    Just sayin’…

  6. Oh yeah, and the chick in the orange bikini really really reeeeeeally reminded me of my Mrs., back when we was young. Thirty years on, and GOD, how I love her still.

  7. Stir the shit, get me going, OK – here’s the rant:
    You asked for it – flo, yes – people would rather read my writing, serious or otherwise, than see a random link to another stupid offensive video.  There’s nothing funny about it.  I’m not saying that everything should be Disneyland.  I don’t have a problem with profanity or most low brow humor.  I am trying, perhaps alone, to ‘raise the bar’ and put Drunkcyclist into a category of ‘good’ or that Q word – quality.  What we have here isn’t quality, it’s TRASH – and there’s plenty of it, oceans of it on the internet.  I propose raising the bar *just a little* from the fucking bottom, already.  I’ve stuck by drunkcyclist through when it was truly marginalized and offensive, with links to porn, and you know what?  It was MY suggestion (and possibly of other people too) to cut that bullshit out of the site and GET MORE READERS.  This kind of shit, as I said DOES THE OPPOSITE.  I tell my mother and friends about this great web site that I contribute to.  Doesn’t make me feel part of something great with videos like this – misogynist offensive garbage.  Fiodizzle I got no beef with you, friend – I just know you can come up with something more creative and interesting than that to post, especially right on the heels of Judi’s post today (which was funny)  Seriously, not only does offensive shit like that make me want to no longer be a part of this ‘community’, it turns otherwise quality people away, including my mother and the mayor and anyone else I recommend this site to.
    Ease up, you say?  YOU ease up on the retarded-ness, already.

  8. Not to mention I thought I was going to get a Duran Duran parody but boy, not even close.  Disappointed AND offended.

  9. Disappointed AND offended? Tell me you are kidding.
    How about we call it art and it leave it at that.
    Sometimes I like your art, sometimes it sucks.

  10. People,
    Back off here, those white suits, I bet that they’ve been made by exploited child labor in some third world country.
    & the chemicals that keep them so white? Got to be seriously bad for the environment.
    Do not get me started on the attitudes, it’s so disrespectful to the Y chromosome gender who I hold in the greatest of respect. (Judi, back me up here)
    Not to mention the Perms on those Dudes, that’s seriously bad chemical shit right there.
    The wood on that boat, that’s not sustainable timber, that’s pure virgin rain forest, makes me want to weep as I hear Mother Nature crying.
    Not to mention the annual anti fouling treatment that that boat has undergone.
    Alcohol, the ladies are not good role models.
    Not to mention what in God’s name are we promoting here, innocents are on the web, in between Habbo Hotel, YouTube, Flicker etc, how can we justify them stumbling upon something like this ?.
    Shame, People, Shame.
    LJ should be complimented on being the sole shining light here…

  11. I saw Andy Samberg’s boat song first, and well, that kid kicks the hell out of Will Farrel’s any day.

  12. Oops..
    when I said that the ladies were not good role models, I was in NO way refering to your beloved partner.
    Just making that clear.

  13. Someone, please… post something on top of this garbage.   Some news?  Cycling???

  14. Here we go, 3rd Place,  I took delivery of my third Soft Ride this morning, love thoses bikes, anytime some one shouts at you in traffic, just grab the beam & say, “Yo, look what’s between these legs!!”.
    Sorry , that’s not what you meant ?

  15. Oh, Hurben, no worries there. When I come in here my sensibilities are wearing full body armor. I was just abit taken aback that something so ephemeral could trigger such strong memories, thirty years on. Curious thing; how the mind works.

  16. Please littlejar, Or little minded fuck leave this openminded community and dont look back you pompas Little Fuck

  17. nik the – You are a coward, because I’m certain that you would not say these things to my face.  I stand by my principles and I’m not afraid of you or any other cowardly person who flings curses and insults.  You can’t spell pompous.  I could throw some insults back to you, but I’m going to refrain this time.  I don’t get off on random flaming of people I don’t know anymore.  Go find another outlet for your nonsense.   If you’d like to say these things to my face, please visit 1825 N. Laventure, Mt. Vernon, WA.  Or, look for me at the coop around 11:00 AM, I’m there every day!

  18. I want to make a statement here of relevance.  I’m not the only one raising the bar.  Snake Hawk’s recent post was touching and actually triggered a fine dream the other night.  Big Jonny usually has something relevant to say, and he is the man that started this blog rolling.  I’m not the quality assurance agent around here.   I usually say nothing when something tasteless is posted, but this time I just needed to make a comment – as I have every right to, and don’t deserve insults.
    This web site has the potential to have a more broad readership.  It’s already gone farther than the founder envisioned, and it is noble of him to allow others to take it in all directions.  Either you are part of this in ‘raising the bar’ or you are just masturbating to your own out of tune drum.  I’d like to see more drunk cyclist t-shirts, and I’d like to see people react in appreciative notes at what they see and are linked to through this forum.   And the bottom line is – we can comment on what we want how we want, and if I don’t like something, I can say so, just like you.

  19. I’m happy to vouch that Nic would have no problem saying what he wants straight to your face. LJ, with all due objectiveness, you’re kind of a dumbass.

  20. is not a panacea or a cure-all for what ails the world, littlejar…if it was, then yes, by all means, make sure more & more folks are reading it…your mother & the fucking mayor don’t have to read what’s written here or know about it…it’s not written for “everybody” nor should it be…
    …it doesn’t have to reach every person at every end of the earth to serve as a vehicle for expression within “our” cycling community which, by the way extends pretty far…folks from canada, europe, oz & nz comment daily…who knows where else…
    …that said, yes, plenty of worthwhile thoughts & concerns can be expressed,  disseminated & shared but one of the joys of this site, in my mind at least, is the free form format, the structured “lack of structure” that allows us to participate as we see fit…
    …why do you, & yes you do have some worthwhile concerns about “life on this ball of dirt”, feel the need to try & define the direction this site needs go…
    …maybe you with your unconventional ways, needs to manage a way to bring in enough cash to start your own site…see how many folks share your obviously real concerns with the way you wish to present them to the world…
    …nothing wrong w/ sharing your thoughts & concerns,  maybe even a bit o’ vitriol as necessary, amigo but you do ride a self righteous high horse…ain’t no bout a doubt it…

  21. Take a ride on your bike. Have a drink (or not).  If you are lucky enough to love someone, tell them. And everybody chill the fuck out. In no particular order.

  22. I never claimed the site was some big panacea, or the solution to the world’s problems.  We all have tough periods in our lives, and I happen to be right in the middle of one of the tough periods.  I also never said “poor me” though I’m accused of that, too.  Kind of a dumb-ass?  OK, sure, I’m that.  I’m not trying to define the direction everyone needs to go in.  That’s not my place, never claimed it was.  Just sharing my opinion.  Clearly, there *is* something wrong with *me* sharing my thoughts and concerns because –  A: They aren’t popular nor acceptable, and B: I get a whirlwind of insults for it.  I comment too much, and I should shut the fuck up, but so should everyone else that has so much to say on every post.  I used to be careful and reserved about my words on here – but clearly these conversations are just too easy to be loose with when there’s no one actually present, and instead we just create a string of words and text, and a whole bushel of assumptions about who someone is and/or what they are about.  Clearly I’ve been too much of the wordy writer and not enough of the flawed and fragile person that I really am.  Well, the helmet is coming off – there’s my exposed head!  Just like yours, human.  The ease at which people fling profanity and character insults at me or anyone else is quite a shame, and I’ve been guilty of that myself.  Well, let peace begin with me, as they say.  I will no longer be the dumb ass that flings profanity and insults at a human being, through a fucking blog roll, directed toward someone I don’t know anything about.  It’s just stupid, unproductive, and wrong.  I will also make every effort to ignore it when I am the recipient, though my feelings are hurt every time it happens.  This is a promise.  Any person knows that sinking feeling.  I do think that people attach the tone they want to the words another writes.  It is a truly skilled writer that can convey the tone that they intend, which I can’t seem to do.  It started out with my occasional piece of sunshine and bike poetry and now it is this petty crap trap that I jumped right into with carelessness.  Still, I read everything I post or comment twice or more before I hit [submit]… do you?
    Gnome and other esteemed contributors – if you want to vote me off the island, go ahead, if you think it will make it a better place.  I’d like to stay and participate, but not if it causes enough heart ache to warrant my removal.  I only ask that I be judged fairly, and my crimes be spelled out clearly.  Today, right now, I get off the horse that you say is so high and hand you my word weapon that you say is so sharp.  It’s your call.

  23. It seems that some people here don’t realize that this video was from the movie “Stepbrothers”. Give it a watch, it’s pretty funny. Life is far too short though to take things like this so seriously.

  24. I know Nic pretty well.  And, yes, he would say all of this, and more, at the top of his lungs, right in front of anyone.  He just doesn’t care.  And I love him for that.


  25. LJ, no way would I want you off the island. No way. You provide a good tangent. Sling mud though, and I like me a mud fight sometimes. dumbass was a razz’n of ya. Just like Nik is doing.

    Blog’n should never be taken seriously.

  26. fuck people, hug it out. Just like Rodney King wished, can’t we all just get along? and happy father’s day to any papa’s out there!
    besides, it’s just a silly video, meant to make you laugh and smile. it sure made me laugh. and the song was stuck in my head for days. now you peeps just get out for a ride and enjoy the day.

  27. It’s pissing rain outside, I’m still alone, my truck is still not starting, and I’m half DRUNK (again)
    I just wrote a 4 page rant to the VA.  The fucking fuckers.  Hey – I just want to live my life and be relatively happy.  You may have no idea how fucked the place I am stuck in is.  You might be in a worse place.  If you’re not, count the blessings.  It just makes me furious that I can’t even cross the boulevard on Sunday here.  There’s only so much I can take of cars cars cars continually.  I don’t know how such a small town has so many fucking people driving.  You might have more ‘intestinal fortitude’ than I do.  You might be bigger than me.  Littlejar is a screen name, and I’m small boned but I’m not a little dude.  I’m close to 6 feet tall and strong as an ox.  Piss and vinegar, my grandma used to say.  I got plenty.  Half Irish and half French.  Plus I got that high horse, ya know.
    Got no time for anger or bad words to y’all anymore.  Like the great, great Dennis Brown sez: “Stop your fussing and your fighting brothers (and sisters)”  some day, I’m going to be around your neck of wood and sharing a table with one or more of you.  If you just knew what I’m really about – it’s love.

  28. lj, if you ever make it to this backwater little Western Maryland shithole, I feel it will be a better place.

  29. Littlejar, I think you should trade your bread truck for a wambulance. You really have a talent for prattle and whinge.

  30. Worst night of my long bike tour in April 2005 was Keyser’s Ridge, Western Maryland.  I sought shelter from a wicked wind storm with rain in a no man’s land of industrial junk, sleeping in an 18 wheeler trailer, as it was ‘humping’ in the howling wind until well after midnight, messing with my eardrums and my sanity.  A large piece of metal was banging loudly throughout that storm.  In the morning I wrapped my small tarp around my waist like a hakama, and waited for the rain to slow so I could ride to Pennsylvania.  Just by saying Western Maryland you sparked a hell of a memory.
    And that makes 40 responses to ‘Boats and hos”

  31. Come on Kid Wonder, follow the dynamics of the thread.
    We’ve moved on from the ritualistic pounding of LittleJar & we’re now into the warm fuzzys & reconcilliation phase.
    LJ’s good people, he’s just more vocal about the woes of the world than the rest of us.