Last of the road races this year…..

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I’m committed to racing and working two more more races and then my road bike is going away for a little while.

The first race is this weekend, June 20th, the Ohio Masters road race. Cash prize is 300 bucks to the top 5 in each division. I am going to get my ass BEAT by the 40+ women. Fuck, I hate that “racing age” shit. I am still 39. For a little longer. I would probably get my ass beat by the 30+ women too though, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

The second race is the Madeira Criterium on June 25th. Did I really commit to this? Holy shiz. There are two 180’s and a crash is probably definitely going to happen since there will be a A CAT 4 WOMEN’S RACE! Very exciting.

Once these two races are over, I will be riding trails, and the CX bike. I want to ride the teeters some more. That shit was fun. Roadies can be too fuckin’ serious, you know what I mean?

This was just posted a few weeks ago. I thought it was hilarious. Happy Friday.

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19 Replies to “Last of the road races this year…..”

  1. I am a 59 year old male that was riding before most folks were born, and I am scared shitless of gnarly technical trails. Of course riding a rigid fixed gear doesn’t make it any easier, but still-You’d think my Y chromosome would count for something.

    I was actually thinking about hanging a pair of those truck bumper balls from  my saddle. Or maybe a huge pair of fuzzy dice. Yes, that’s the ticket. So waddya think? Pink?

  2. ouch !!!…(big balls)…
    …feel like i’ve been living in the dark ages all week…computer went totally south on monday & just got it back today…$$$…new hard drive, cleaned out the cobwebs,  spiffed & juiced it up, good to go (until the next fucking “time”)…turns out my computer has a ‘port’ in the back that you just dump $$$ in & everythings a-ok
    …part of me enjoyed not being so focused on a little electric box but i was starved for the instant gratification of immediate info at my fingertips…big time anxiety…
    mikey, our commenting drunkcyclist pal from seattle, made it into the bay area this week…we hooked up on both monday & wednesday & got a few beautiful sunny twisty miles in, over that time…good camaraderie & we were both comfortable w/ each other on the bikes…
    …i have friends i’ve known for years, who got into riding later on in life & as much as i might love ’em, i hate fucking riding w/ ’em because i’ve become accustomed to a certain level of competency from myself & the people around me while on the bike…
    …definitely willing to ride w/ mikey again…despite those disparaging remarks about the rear wing on my car being a “towel rack”…sheesh…

  3. You got it backwards Judi. I’m going less-internet. Less dependent on that sys.

    I have much more free time now. It includes a breath of fresh air I tell ya. After ten+ years of hacking at keyboards, this feels good. I’m slowly returning to life. In fact, I think it was a primary cause of some sever depression. No shit.

    I’ll still post here when I have something I think is of value.

  4. gnome, yay for you. some days i feel this computer is an addiction. i know i need to step away and i don’t. it sucks. glad you found some free time. did you like the big balls video?

  5. personaly, I’m looking for the website for those things.
    (not that I need them of course, purely out of interest).

  6. …the man goes where most fear to (lay a) tread…
    …perhaps makes more smooth transitions out of 90* hard angle stuff than any rider you’ve ever highlighted…incredible shit…