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12 thoughts on “I will see that WTF Thursday…

  1. Uhhh….how does one discover that one has this talent?  Perhaps one works at a grocery store?  Perhaps one often thinks…”I bet I could crush that betwixt my legs.”  Perhaps it would be the combination of the two.

  2. Have you ever met one of those guys that has an egg shaped head, or a tall head as it were? Perhaps it was the result of dating watermelon girl…Now i’m always gonna wonder. For the record though, i would like to meet her.

  3. It’s a tough call – guy taking a road bike with no gloves out onto rocks near a cliff is a clear full house.   Does this watermelon woman (or the guy talking about her scary sexiness) beat that??

  4. just waking up.  saw a woman’s ass on the still for the video.  thought “this is judi up to her stuff again…”
    the bri’ish brutha coming with “adios, mi gente”, nice.