Saludos a todos y cuidado al andar por Arizona.

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I try to keep it bike around here, I really do. Sometimes things come through that aren’t very bike at all. This is one such item. This site is based in Arizona, as much as it is based anywhere. I’m in Phoenix and Gnome is up in Flagstaff. Things are a bit wacky around here as of late. My man Santiego has been contributing emails, thoughts and images to the site for years. He was the guy that printed one of the series of DC t-shirt. He’s been waist deep in the bike game south of the border for years. And, he has something to share from his perspective.

From: Santiego
Saludos a todos y cuidado al andar por Arizona.

Loosely translated, he says “Greetings to all, take care walkling in Arizona.”

These are the images he sent. What do you think of the law we call, simply, 1070? (wiki here)











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52 Replies to “Saludos a todos y cuidado al andar por Arizona.”

  1. This one is tough. I would support any law that requires the government to ask imigration status of anyone who has been arrested for a crime. But tan people having to carry papers is crazy.

  2. Lots of Hispanics on my jobs. Great folks mostly, same as the Italians and Eastern Europeans and all the other folks who came here. We are a nation of immigrants. Yes, even the “Native” Americans came here when there was a land bridge between Russia and North America. I welcome them all.

    But the current situation-Any country needs to have borders and to have some control over who is crossing them. If you’re going to come to my house, you will be welcome. I’ll greet yuou at the door and ask if you’d like to stay to dinner. That’s how we should run things. And it ain’t. That’s a dirty crying shame and I wouldn’t begin to know how to fix it.

    One thing’s for sure-If we were to adopt Mexico’s immigration laws-Well you think we’ve got protests now? Cripes, we’d be all kinds of Nazi to the rest of the world if we ran our country like they try to run theirs.

    And for those who say we need to be more like Europe-well, maybe I’d best let that alone. All I know is this-Anyone from anywhere who wants to come here and embrace our culture and our way of life-I’ll embrace ’em right back. But the way we’ve been going about it-It’s just not working.

  3. …steve nash…just down there to show the ‘bling’ merchants in the nba what ‘hockey player’ tough is…

  4. Just got back from the Miller Valley School demo. You know, the one protesting the fact that a mural of the students in the school wasn’t appropriate unless the black kid wears white face.

    Lots of local cyclists there…

    I am just disgusted that Prescott went down this road.

  5. Take out the narcos fueled by US addicts, and Mexico becomes a viable alternative to the US (mostly due to less fat chicks).

  6. hmmmm gildas….throw in the weather and you have this Canadian’s attention!

    @BGW and BJ, Steve Nash is the man. I met him before he was the man years back coming out of Santa Clara while has was playing for Canadian nat. team and he was the nicest guy by far. More recently a few of my friends have run into him in toronto partying in the off season and they have also said he is top shelf. his wife if latin american, you gotta wonder if the “Los Suns” jersey thing had his finger prints on it…

  7. …speaking of the politics of ‘race’, in the gubernatorial race in south carolina, while addressing the sikh heritage of his female opponent, state senator Jake Knotts said: “We already got one raghead in the White House; we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.”
    …nice touch, senator…keepin’ it classy & showing just how much things have evolved in the carolinas…

    …barry…steve nash seems well rounded as both an athlete & a human being…he garners a lotta respect from his fellow pros (at least when the heat’s not on & the elbows are down)…

  8. I’d point out that a Sikh from India and Moslem from Kenya have about as much in common with one another as either does with this Methodist from Western Maryland, But I’m sure that the nuanced subtleties of that distinction would be lost on the Senator.


  9. blackdog, the law specifically says that racial profiling is NOT allowed. all people are supposed to carry papers. In most other countries this law already exists. If it was Canadians or Europeans who were illegally immagrating, there would be not protests, the issue is that they are from another country–not that they are from another race. I think that people like to pull the race card when possible.

  10. …so you, rankinesoccor, with your absolute faith in humankind believe that this will be applied to the strictest letter of the law & therefor racial profiling will never rear it’s head through this situation…

    …hmmm…i would like to offer you, good sir, the opportunity to be the newest owner of the “golden gate bridge” out here on the coast…for you, cheap…a good price…i’ll provide you w/ a deed…
    …& please…cash only…

  11. Why don’t they just mandate that all stops by cops must include a immigration check. All. White, black, brown, yellow, green, whatever color they happen to be.

    How ’bout that ?

  12. Comparing this with Nazi Germany is a little brazen. After all, the Arizona government is not trying to commit genocide, just ensuring the legality of their residents.


  13. Anyone happen to know the penalty for being in Mexico illegally?

  14. Arizona, Texas. New Mexico, Nevada, and California “were” part of Mexico. Kind of like how most of Israel belonged to the Palestinians. I don’t blame them for coming over to find a better life at all. Has anyone thought to go after the people that Hire an illegal immigrant? Seems this would be the most sensable thing to do, forcing everyone to be legit.

  15. My mom was born in Mexico, I still have a lot of family there… I’m in favor of the law. I love my Hispanic heritage but there is a right way and wrong way to get into this country.

  16. EW, got a minute, buddy? Care to take a wild-assed guess who was living in “Palestine” when Moses was a nosepicker?

    kg, spot on. It would be like me claiming a right to live in, say, Germany or Scotland because my distant ancestors lived there. Between us, I don’t think the respective authorities would go for it.

  17. I’ve no problem with anyone coming to this country (legally or otherwise) as long as they don’t run any of us off the road. Once the roads are safe for us all, THEN I’ll start worrying about illegal immigration.

  18. personally, i’m a little more worried about all of the mormons that keep showing up in their fucked up polygamous incest rocketpods than i am folks showing up to frame my mcMansion and keep my gigantic pier 1 terra cotta fruit bowl stocked with grapes. that’s just my dos centos.

  19. Mormons ??

    Only worry about anything once roads are safe for bikers ??

    Have I entered the Twilight Zone ?

    What was that guys name ?

    Have I drunken too much ??

    Is this too many questions for one post ??

  20. colonel, yes. too many questions. the twilight zone reference dates you.

    i’m saying, man, spaceships, israelites, native americans, glossy-print living rooms, mormons. that is USA as fuck.

  21. snake hawk, you say “twilight zone…dates you” like it’s a bad thing. Damned punk kids. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

  22. I’ve heard Mexico’s southern border is quite the militarized zone with a history of human rights violations. Why is Mexico so quick to point fingers and so slow to look in the mirror?

  23. Probably due to the complicity of liberals on this side of the border.

  24. Why can’t we all just get along?!? or get fucked. Seriously, make up your so-called minds.

  25. Last two times I’ve been stopped in Arizona, they asked for my licence. Then the Reg. papers for the car. Then my Immigration status.

    Last time was about 7 months ago.

    I’m Canadian. Blue eyes. Go figger.

  26. All just get along ?

    Yea. That works. Just look at History and see how successful that concept is.

    Now. Getting fucked seems to a regular occurrence thru out the ages.

    As the Chinese say: May you live in interesting times.

    I believe we are doing just that.

    We’re all fucked.

  27. TMB, so you’re bitching because you were asked for papers and you DIDN’T look Mexican? There’s just no winning with you people.

  28. I wasn’t “bitching” about anything.

    Statement of fact. Kudos to MCSO and AZ DPS for doing their jobs.

  29. YOU’RE confused? I’m getting another drink.

    TMB, didn’t mean to stir the pot or nothin’. It’s just usually when someone says they been stopped by the au-thori-tahhhs, it comes in the form of a complaint.

  30. I think it’s funny how we’re all immigrants, but now everyone is bitching about letting others in. America is the land of opportunity, but not for Mexicans? As far as taking jobs from “americans” I think that’s a crock of shit. I know plenty of caucasian americans that would rather collect a check instead of work. How can you knock hard-working people down? Immigration has many problems, but we should look at our policy makers and criticize them rather than putting the blame of people looking for a better life. Just my thoughts.

  31. @onegeargood

    Your post summed up is: Immigrants built this country.

    And I totally agree.

    But. The key word is built.

    We’re done.

    No more canals for the Irish to build.

    No more rail lines for Irish/Scots/Chinese to build.

    No more Eisenhower Highways for who ever the fuck built them.

    We’re built. Done. Fini.

    Every bag fills up.

    We are now just a 1 pound bag being filled with 2 pounds of shit.

    Not good in my book.

  32. I think it’s the “illegal” part that most have a problem with. Personally, I welcome anyone from anywhere who comes here legally and wants to be a part of this country.

  33. @electric joe

    Eh. Even that is a concern.

    Worst economy since the Depression.

    15+ million looking for work.

    But. We are still letting in one and a half million people a year legally ?

    Legal or not. We’re hurting here. We’re confused here. We’re all fucked up here. We’re…….

    I’d like to see some change that doesn’t involve Washington pissing down our necks and telling us it’s raining.

    That too much to ask ?

  34. “We’re done.

    No more canals for the Irish to build.

    No more rail lines for Irish/Scots/Chinese to build.

    No more Eisenhower Highways for who ever the fuck built them.

    We’re built. Done. Fini.”

    colonel, i know this argument could go on forever, but don’t you eat fruit? vegetables? ever appreciated a well-laid course of masonry? a plumb wall framed up real nice? i realize the argument’s endless here sometimes. i also realize that bending my liberal fingernails backwards on your impenetrable forehead won’t open your mind. i really do realize this.

    i guarantee you our country’s capitalistic heritage won’t stop because there’s “nothing to build” anymore. bullshit. the produce harvest mulls on year after year, season after season, and the only nationalized skin in sight is MAYBE the dude counting out the measly lumps of change that get doled out so that i can enjoy a fucking handful of juicy delicious grapes, fused vertebrae be damned. thanks, that guy. thanks for running a tight, seedless ship.

    fuck, the next america being built is overseas in call centers thanks to the “piss-free necks” of our precious de-regulated corporate cock-swinging monsters. why pay some chumpy, uneducated fuckwad taxpayer with a social security card 7.50 an hour to pass you on to his supervisor when you can just toss some poor fuck a cobra in a basket, a flute and avoid our whole nation’s financial infrastructure, right? there’s plenty of building going on and plenty of work to be done, colonel. if you don’t want it taking place on our own twice-sacred potato of a country, no worries!: we’ll send it somewhere else. “illegals” or not, unamericans are rubbing grocery bags on uncle sam’s credit card just to keep that fucker in the green.

    i’m going to get to bending my fingernails back and work on figuring out why i even wasted my time with this comment.