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I always work holidays. The $$ is too good to pass up. Tomorrow I log in at 8am until 3pm and then we BBQ with the family + about 6 dogs.

Today is my only day off this whole weekend. We hit up England-Idlewild trails for a couple hours. We played on the teeters for a while. Dominic was doing them no-handed, and I was scared to even try them. Dominic wasn’t going to let me leave without getting over my fear. So I just rode my bike towards the teeter and did it. It was rad. There were two sets. I did them both over and over. Not bad for my 4th ride, no?

teeter sideways

RIP Dennis. “Don’t you fucking look at me!” My older sister worked on this film as an editor. Her name is even in the credits.

YouTube Preview Image

Hipster messengers on Judge Judy. These two are complete douchers.

Share the road! On CNN. It would be cool if we could all do this.

Ride safe out there this holiday weekend.

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11 thoughts on “EI

  1. Hey, it’s Canuckistan, eh. Think you’ve got it bad, eh? Come on down to The Land Of The Free, eh, and ride in some real traffic, eh.

    I rode my bike almost as much as I carried it on my shoulder, in the woods. Now I’m drunk. Does that count?

  2. Waitaminnit,db. What counts? The riding, the carrying or the drunk? Mind, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

    Well maybe not the gnats or the thorny stickerbushes…

  3. …blue velvet !!!… you fucking know dennis hopper researched that role “in depth” before shooting proceeded…

    …& ya…r.i.p., mr hopper…you were one of a kind…

  4. That helmet cam stuff is great, and knuckle whitening. I always cruise up on people at intersections that buzz me and ask them to, “please keep an eye out for cyclists, you were quite close to me back there” really politely with a shit eating half grin. Most people say sorry and the level of aggression is surprisingly low.

    But i am in Ireland not the United States of Aggro :)

    In most cases i wonder if stuff like this comes into play and the mistake are “honest”:


  5. i know you guys must think i am lame, learning to ride a teeter at 40 isn’t easy….haha. i am afraid to get any air though.

    @bgw – GREAT flick, right?

  6. Don’t beat yourself up too bad over it, Judi. I was fiftycouple when I got back on the bike after a decades-long hiatus. And while there’s alot I’m still able to do, the passage of time has sharpened my appreciation of the consequences of one’s actions on one’s self, and made me keenly aware of my own mortality. Still, I’ve never enjoyed being on a bike more than I do now.

  7. …yep…quirky as fuck but i’d like to see it again for the slice of oddball life it presents…

    …still remember i saw it on a double bill w/ harvey keitel’s “the bad lieutenant” as date night flics…now there’s a brilliant idea for a romantic night at the movies…doh !!!…

    …couldn’t a been too bad though ‘cuz speaking of quirky flics, the same woman went to see “reservoir dogs” w/ me…

  8. @bgw – we never even knew my sister worked on the film until we were watching it and saw her name in the credits! CRAZY. an ok date night movie. natural born killers – now that’s a good date night movie, lol.

  9. …hey…i thought we were the ones made from “snips n’ snails n’ puppy dog tails”