“two in the blood one in the mud”

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#43 I thought it was two in the blood one in the mud.

What a great last comment for the glove post. How appropriate for my post. Had to quote it. Thanks Batwing – is that you Lauren?

This is my PMDD week. It’s very real. For all you guys that are married/have a girlf, you know it’s best not to fuck with her during this week. Be tolerant, be thoughtful, bring her chocolate. You might get that blowjob you’ve been hoping for. Haha.

Dominic is so damn tolerant. He didn’t like me kicking a dent in his car last weekend but he’s over it now. He knew I was batshit crazy when he moved in.

Symptoms of PMDD — which occur in the last week of the menstrual cycle and usually improve within a few days after menstruation begins — include:

* Persistent sadness or depression
* Marked anxiety, feelings of being “keyed up”or “on edge”
* Mood swings often marked by periods of teariness
* Persistent or marked anger or irritability
* Decreased interest in usual activities
* Fatigue or lethargy
* A feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control


Changing the subject.

I officially started with Coach OB this week. He seems to schedule ALOT of fucking riding. More than I am used to. I need to trust him and just do what he says. Yesterday I texted him during my ride:

me: omg i am so sick of riding in the wind
ob: Be happy you are not doing multiple 100% 1 minute efforts up a hill and into the wind.

Great. Sounds fun. Can’t wait. I’m still tired and lethargic (see above).

I got my tired ass up this morning for an hour of intervals. I used an HRM for the first time ever. I don’t use HRM’s. I don’t even have a Garmin. I can’t handle anymore gadgets.

We are already talking about the next race which is next weekend. It’s rumored to have BIG hills and scary descents. I do not want to lose the pack on that downhill so I am going to have to grow some balls.

This 3-corner course has something for everybody. It starts on an uphill before turning onto a slightly rolling and winding ridge top before the road falls out from under your wheels with a screaming descent into the creek valley below. You’ll spend the next 3 miles on a flat and straight valley road until you see the wall spur off to the right. After the first 200 meters, you’ll experience a wicked switchback and continue up the wall for another couple hundred meters before the road lightens up to a more tolerable grade and into the uphill “sprint” finish.

I see you baby, shakin’ that ass….
YouTube Preview Image


* This is my friend Claire’s race report for the 12 hour we did (and she won). She captured the shiteous day really well. You should go read it.

* Trigger happy cop tasers a 17 year old kid in Philly at a baseball game. Taser? Really? Cuz your fat ass can’t catch the kid? Fucking cops.

* A hit and run driver gets what he deserves after a ONE year pursuit.

* This is Ohio’s bike lawyer. I friended him on Facebook and he posts all kind of cool shit.

That’s all I got. I’ll leave you with a picture of famous commenter bikesgonewild “BGW” still sexy as hell at 61! We have a history, me and him. Yes we do. This guy has been reading my blog from the beginning and given me some of the best advice I have ever received. He is beyond cool. XXOO.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

37 Replies to ““two in the blood one in the mud””

  1. a few weeks ago my pal was getting right into her PMDD stuff. it was bad this time as she was only 38 days sober from alcohol. she did inpatient rehab for a month and everything. at 40 days sober she totally lost it. the lexapro and congnitive behavioral stuff and AA peer support couldn’t stop the onslaught. she was feeling sadness, grief, self-loathing, fear, and outright terror. she went ahead and did the first of 3 relapses. the transformation from my pal to the addict was stunning.

  2. girl, you’re plum fuckin’ nuts. way to hang in there.

    BGW – are you stealing a shiatsu pillow from that japanese garden or something?

  3. dolak – im sorry for your friend. relapse is a reality. especially during a hormonal meltdown.

  4. Don’t blame the Police for hitting the guy with a taser. You go out on the field, you get what you get! Hell, the guy’s MOM said he probably deserved it!
    And I won’t call him a kid! He’s 17…old enough to make smart/dumb decisions!

  5. MM – a taser? isn’t that a little extreme? i think it is. and as far as being 17, there are a hell of a lot worse things that kid could be doing. big fucking deal, he ran out on the field. makes for a fun show. he didn’t deserve to be tasered.

  6. MM, i’d like to add to judi’s response. there are shitloads of data proving that the brain, especially the male’s, is not even close to fully developed insofar as its ability to reliably guide judgment, until well into the 20’s — on average. being 17 alone does not provide enough ammo for a young dude to make smart decisions.

    but i do think that, in the interest of homeland security, all citizens at something as jihadinally vulnerable as a professional sporting event should be tasered at the turnstiles. a standard practice such as that would let the terrorists know that we are NOT afraid to tax the electrical grid a little bit extra if it keeps people in their seats.

  7. …snakehawk…sushi restaurant = spicy tuna roll…

    …hi, monsieur ant1…

    …obviously mm believes in ‘corporeal’ punishment but damn, dude…people can die from taser hits if they have certain physical problems…

    …grazie, gianni grande & ya, while there’s bling involved, it’s about how it rolls & that is so sweet & so-o-o fucking smooth, i thank the bike gods daily…

    …btw, that was shot on monday, my 61st birthday & after makin’ it through a quintuple (5) by-pass for hereditary shit 8 years ago, i was feeling pretty damn good about just being alive…

    …so, cost of fancy ass custom bike = $$$…
    …cost of campagnolo, mavic, sidi, etc = $$$…
    …the fact that i can now ride healthy, smooth & strong = priceless…
    …+ the bonus…all these years later & i still love to do just that = more fucking priceless than can be imagined…

    …judi…grazie, girl…always yer pal…

  8. I’ve been tased…not a big deal. The taser is used INSTEAD of resorting to physical violence. How much more damage would have been done to a skinny 17 year old if 4 or 5 200+ security dudes jumped on his fragile bones?
    And I repeat, his MOM was okay with him getting popped with the volts!

  9. some moms are cool with their kids smoking crack. whatevs.

    differing opinions are okay. raising arizona is the best movie ever.

  10. …right now, popular opinion sez razzing arizona is the best move (ever ???)…

  11. cops today ARE pussies. in cincinnati they’re known to shoot unarmed black men. oh and dogs. they will shoot your dog no problem.

  12. I am glad Judi referenced/linked us to Steve Magas – bike lawyer. I happen to live in Ohio and required legal services in 2003. I am very pleased I chose Mr. Magas to represent me. He performed stellar work AND seemed to be a truly nice guy – very down-to-earth and a sense of compassion.

  13. Sorry Judi,

    I have a major problem with any music that stutters.

    That whole DJ BS about spinning back kills me.

    I like rhythm. And once you got it you don’t let go.

    Ya know. Like fucking.


  14. @#13-I got to wonder what kind of damage woulda been done to the po-po if they’d a tried to take me down without the taser? Best order up two ambulances.

  15. Judi, I clicked on “Categories”. From what I could gather it’s a distinguished list and you have earned your place on it.

  16. Ahem to that!

    And Mr. BGW, honored to make your acquaintance, Sir.

    Klunkers is one of my favourite DVDs, (yes, I don’t get out much).

    Gary, Joe & Tom have all graced NZ with their presence, when will we see you down here, that rig would look good cruising around Lake Taupo in November, 160kms of pure joy, (yes, okay, there are some serious hills)

  17. As far as the 17 year old goes, just remember: “he’s our baby tooooo.”
    “I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash you got.”
    “Son, you got a panty on your head”

  18. Funny how the liberal cognoscenti hate law enforcement and defend the douchebags that commit the crimes…until one those douchebags breaks into their house or vehicle. When that happens, said liberals bitch that the police didn’t respond fast enough…can’t have it both ways…

  19. Or maybe it’s the reaction of people who have had actual experiences with cops being out of control and anything but helpful. Oh and violent. Oh and lying and intimidating (actively). And if you are lucky, they touch you too…where the swimsuit goes.

  20. “I’ve been tased…not a big deal.”…my, my…i know i’m certainly impressed…(lemme guess…mm…manly man, right ???)…nice that you’re willing to deny chronicled fact regarding tazers… but you did define your real point…some of us just aren’t as tough as others…i’m good w/ that…

    …as for your little “liberal cognoscenti” rant…what a bunch of claptrap…once again you’ve managed to take it out to an extreme…nobody was defending “the douchebags that commit the crimes”
    …i damn well know there are a lotta honest, straight up cops that would put their lives on the line to defend the safety of both your sorry ass & mine but i’ve got a number of friends in law enforcement, local & chp & they’re the first to say that there are also a lotta assholes wearing the badge…

    …law enforcement is by nature about attitude, intimidation & exerting control & some officers don’t know when to turn it off or variate the degree needed to fit the situation…

    …guys that were bullies growing up are now paid to be bullies…why ???…because “on occasion” the job requires that type of coercion but a lotta cops don’t seem to view their jobs objectively…too much “us vs them” & not enough “protect & serve”…


    “Holy macaroly. BGW is 61? I don’t feel so bad now.”…thanks, joetheelectrition…dunno wtf that’s s’posed ta mean but i laughed my ass off when i read it !!!…

    …nice ta meet ‘cha, right back, hurben…joe really speaks highly of new zealand & ya, if i have a bucket list, an nz cycling visit is right up there w/ a visit to the giro d’italia…
    …i’ll always be proud of the fact that my ol’ riding buddy gil & i took the initiative to lay the groundwork for velo club tamalpais back then…gary, joe, ck were all guys we knew or knew of their reputations & so it was inevitable we hadda bring everyone together…
    …as far as mtb’s, the rest, as they say, is history…

  21. Oh, sorry ’bout that, BGW. Shoulda been more clearer I guess. Mmmm, Bourbon.

    Just sayin’ that at 59, sometimes I wonder how many years of biking I’ve got left. Apparently as many more as I want. Seeing you with your bike, in your kit; well it just made me feel alittle less-I dunno-“old”, I guess. And it cheered me more than you can know that you got a good laugh out of it. There ain’t near enough of that, to my way of thinking.

  22. …being a heart patient, my attitude over the long run is i hope to ride ’til i drop…reality is, the more i ride (which hasn’t been enough lately) the better off my heart & health seem to be…can’t beat that !!!…

    …& what’s too old if you’re enjoying yourself…

    …not to get too philosophical & shit but cycling has always been a real zen sport pour moi…balance, focus, drive, exercise, freedom, they’re all things that offer me physical & mental acumen in my day to day living…

    …it’s not stuff i spend much time thinkin’ about, i just go out & do it & feel pretty damn good because i do…

  23. and i see dudes older than BOTH of you doing IRONMAN. so you can keep on riding motherfuckers.

  24. Ha, you’re so right J, Mr. Wilde and the rest of us “old” guys had better listen to you!

  25. …hey…turnabout is fair play, right ???…judi admitted to listening to my advice, so i better be listening when she’s talkin’ in my direction !!!…

    …just fucking sayin’…

  26. Tazer the little shit. Think about Monica Sellas. She was stabbed by some nut while on the tennis court. That said I think we need more Tazer less permanent record. Maybe not but you get the idea. Kids do stupid shit and then if follows them for ever.