RideClean at La Vuelta de Bisbee Masters

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Our own Jake “Snake” Rubelt took the Sulphur Springs Road Race in the Masters Category down at the La Vuelta de Bisbee. Good on ya, Snake.

I asked him how it played out via text. He responded, simply:

I just jumped with 300 to go.

The weekend’s racing is comprised of four stages in three days. It is, in order, the Mule Pass Time Trial, the Sulphur Springs Road Race, the Warren Time Trial, and then the Tombstone Road Race. Pretty much means short & up, long & up, pretty short & flat, and then more long & more up. The breakdown for the masters, in miles/vertical feet gain is: 1.9 & 503, 65.6 & 3,143, 7.2 & 327, 62.6 & 4,535. Super-fun good times.

I’m waiting to hear what happened in the afternoon’s TT. I expect big things out of our boy Snake. He is motivated and capable.

I asked him how the TT went:

Not sure. I went hard.

I’ll post more info as I receive it.

Sulphur Springs results pdf here: lvdb.info/2010/10_RESULTS/EVENT_B/1SB.pdf.
More info here: lvdb.info.

Snake took 4th in the TT.
Results pdf here: lvdb.info/2010/10_RESULTS/EVENT_B/2GCB.pdf.
RideClean badass Paul Thomas (incorrectly listed as “unattached”) is sitting on top of the GC.
Overall results pdf here: lvdb.info/2010/10_RESULTS/EVENT_B/2GCB.pdf.

I should mention that Drunkcyclist.com is a proud supporter of RideClean.

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4 Replies to “RideClean at La Vuelta de Bisbee Masters”

  1. Lots of pain to be had in that little town. Last time I was there was 87. Damn near killed me. I always liked the place though. Named a yellow lab that found us Bisbee. Pound pooch. No one claimed her at the pound so we kept her.