I sure do love these flowering trees

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Seattle is my home now, and Count Vermin fades in rear view.
I have found it. Poised to be a real bike city.
Not that snobby, I find. With dirty pants, I ride in traffic all through North Seattle, loving the new-ness of every corner and hill.
It is not California, and not Oregon. That much is enough.

I’m going to become a strong climber. Seattle:
a big up and down, a well designed town
envisioning closing off the block and having GS races
around the gorgeous street circles.

Portland is great. Yeah, I know. But so unhappy.
You can have your bike path through chemicals and dust.
I’ll take the streets, geeks, and the athletes of Seattle.
Haven’t been yelled at once by a car driver yet.
Haven’t been spurned on asking for directions yet.

And I pull some shit. I ride like I belong. In descents
I take the lane; I bank and crank. I’m clear. I climb. I’m ignored. Good!
The manic stopping, the unsmoothness of drivers in a dinky city
reacting to me on a bike that is not crawling along the sidewalk
this shit will bother me no more. I’ll ride in Seattle and survive there.

I’m in love with the ride, every time. I am IN THE ROAD.
Can arrogance and elegance exist so well together?
I am *tuned* to my bicycle, and to the gray avenue.
Going strong, spoke springing, chain destroying,
such torque in such small legs! Alas, the top-end is lacking.

I feel pavement like it is my calligraphy paper
my wheels bouncing over root bumps and cracks.
Lifting my thin front wheel and letting it drop
or sometimes briefly letting go to see it dance over rugged spots
That gyro trust, the wrist saving looseness, the knowing…
Then leaning forward, gripping my old good grips,
remembering: “Push, PUSH your leading edge.”

Control through saddle first, handlebar second.
The lesson is: “Choose the safest line.” and
“Make your actions and reactions instantaneous.”
I smoke people on carbon bikes with my tactics
and with grace, I smoke cars and buses in traffic.

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About littlejar

5 - Learned to ride in paved alley behind liquor store in Lowell. 16 - Road bike riding alone while peers do soccer practice. 18 - First new road bike bought with winnings from Project Graduation. 20 - Burlington VT. Nuff said. 22 - Joined the Air Force. 23 - Joined team Fair Wheel in Tucson - rode the Shootout. 24 - Rode El Tour in under five. 26 - Toured to Quebec City 28 - Toured Oklahoma to Vermont 30 - Found my dream bike - a 1989 58cm LaBan (#22) 32 - Experienced Minneapolis and saw BIKE CULTURE. 34 - Building my first bicycle frame, with a self made jig. USA

11 Replies to “I sure do love these flowering trees”

  1. Bikes is fucking cool
    Seattle is mystery
    Come out here. We’ll CLIMB!

  2. welcome to Pugetropolis d00d. Keep your eye on those black Escalades, there are some serious dicks out there. See ya out there (I’m mostly eastside tho.)

  3. Good news!

    Two places to make part of your riding – Interlaken and Discovery Park.

    See you there.

  4. I ride a blue Land shark cyclocross touring bike with a triple, a mountain bike bar and cantilever brakes. I’m really impressed with Seattle – haven’t seen a McDonald’s there yet. I’m sure there are some, but I haven’t seen one.
    I’m very excited about living in Seattle. A city of athletes. Portland is a city of drunks, from what I can tell.

  5. Glad to have you. When it comes to bikes on the streets, it really does make it
    better. What a difference 60 miles can make, eh? And hey, check out the volunteer park criterium this weekend: an in-city crit 80% of what your vision describes…I know more than a few drunkcyclist readers will be there, and if I see a landshark over by the first rate mortgage warm up tent, I’ll beer you. The crash 4 race goes off at 9 something. Haha.