And that’s how the terrorists won.

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This one languished in my inbox for a few weeks. I had a class canceled on me, with about ten minutes notice, one afternoon last week. So instead of, you know, working ahead or some shit like that, I set about reading through some of my long overdue emails.

We do what we can in this life, right?

From: Primo
Subject: Bin Laden blasts US for climate change
You still cant tell the cops from the bad guys.

Bush’s man Bin Lalden is talking like he’s fucking Al Gore!…bin_laden_tape

I ain’t gonna vote for him, but I wonder if Bin is going to be onna ballet next election? He does have a lot of valid points. However, considering that Bin is a Saudi and a member the richest oil family on earth, hearing this shit from him is like hearing about Exxon cloning oil resistant baby seals.

Fuck, I’m confused. Time for a bike ride to clear my head…..

Ah fuck it. The god damn terrorists are winning.

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7 Replies to “And that’s how the terrorists won.”

  1. Osama is Yemeni, not Saudi, and family made its fortune in construction, not oil just so ya know.

  2. From what I’ve seen, Chris and Steve, the made can jockey a camel like nobodys business, when leads me to believe only one thing….it doesn’t fuckin matter where he’s from.

  3. I went to school with a guy named Osama. He was from Sudan. He introduced me to a tasty purple KoolAid type beverage made from crushed tree bark.