2 Sides to the Coin?

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For all the DC ladies out there, you are 51% of the population, we need some input from you. What would you like to see on this site?


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15 thoughts on “2 Sides to the Coin?

  1. I think that picture of BJ’s torn nutsack would be great way to bring in the ladies

  2. Hot chicks on bicycles. Naked chicks on bikes. I am female, have a boyfriend, and would still rather see hot chicks on bikes than dudes with their nuts hanging through the seat hole. And cycling news is good too.

  3. Much whiter, scrawnier knees next to cooler…far less trendy beer. Umeen, people get tatoos of that crap. Jonny in spandex with a paddle next to more men on bikes naked. And a pic of you in fishnets Jakey Le Snakey. xoxo
    J Simpson

  4. what crashley said “Hot chicks on bicycles. Naked chicks on bikes…And cycling news is good too.”

  5. I’m wonderin’ why so many dudes have deluded themselves into thinking they actually know what women want. (note to dudes: you’re wrong. you will always be wrong. Just ask my wife……)

  6. If I were able, I’d start a ‘Stache contest… as it is, my nordic roots won’t let me play along with those reindeer games.

    More of us in bar-shenanigan pics maybe? Who knows… maybe girls dig pics of drunk guys doing stupid shit?

  7. Funny this question was ask?

    My response to “Caption this Tomkie” was qoing to be; who thinks ladies follow this site with any regularity?