Yeah, a hump is like a pile

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I’ve been trying to keep up with my emails and related “not law school” related activities and communications. And, I’ve apparently failed miserably. That said, I’m going to dump a couple of real beauties on ya’ll.

From: ben
Subject: caption this…
portland cross race this weekend.

Keeping it real. Kid is bringing the big wood too. Nice socks.

From: Jim
Subject: Bike stripper pole

Yep. That’s a bike and a stripper pole, all right. I’ll be damned.

Dan C.
Subject what a hot bike! (given the accessory, I mean)
The legions of dc fans NEED to see this.

I’m about at a loss for words. Could be because I’m sitting in a library.

I think she just scratched my eyes out through the screen of my laptop. And it felt ok. Better than reading 54 pages of Constitutional Law. But everything feels better than that!

From: Flake Shopworn
Subject: Orbea apparently is located right next to the world’s largest zip tie mine.

So that’s where zip ties come from – a strip mine! I knew it.

From: Adrian
Subject: chromag fucking pinning it
This dark lord, this. Well suffering for rewards is my style of riding; sometimes the rewards are justified in themselves. It’s a beautiful fall day and I’m waiting for it to warm up enough melt the ice off the wood work on the local trail net work. This, jonny, is one stunning piece of riding. It pretty much says it all. punk rawk, ripping, reward for rewards sake.

Yo, bring it son!

Link dump 2x:
Lance is spelled “dollars”:…RaceAcrossTheSky

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11 Replies to “Yeah, a hump is like a pile”

  1. The video of the fella on the hard tail is impressive to say the least, however, his skills pale in comparison to the speed of the camera man who somehow manages to keep getting ahead of him on the trail.

  2. For those of you that didn’t make it those socks are from the SSWC ’09 in Durango. My money says that cat finished and maybe even ahead of me.

  3. It would sure be cooler if the movie was about last year’s L-100. I’m sure Lance will help sell/show a LOT more copies, but…. I’m tired of everyone sucking his dick like he’s god’s gift to cycling. He’s just another Douchebag from texas !

  4. dollars indeed… i made the purchase, but in my own defense would have regardless. it’s a leadville documentary in the theater! who wouldn’t have gone to see it?! as for cross… got the USGP in town this week and looking at taking hand ups(dollars and beers) from my friends two year old at 8:30 in the morning. oh it’s a beautiful weekend in the derby city.

  5. Nonsens. Everything cycling is about Lance. You can’t possibly be THAT far out of the loop.