“I am coming for you.”

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Yeah, anger is a healthy thing.

From: pfr
maybe you have seen this before maybe not either way it is still pretty sweet

I don’t believe I’ve seen this one before. But, damn if I don’t understand just what he’s saying.


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9 thoughts on ““I am coming for you.”

  1. Damned if I’d be that calm if it was my bike got nicked. The dude’s restraint is admirable.

  2. …down here in southern marin, there’s been a history of people getting jacked of money, cell phones, computers & whatnot & then still getting roughed up, as they get off late night buses at a small transit center…often involves guns but the fact that it’s going on has emboldened local kids from the “projects” (ya, even here in well moneyed marin)…

    …talked to a guy last night who had that kinda pudgy, “prob’ly gonna get pushed around & picked on” look…but the kinda guy who saved his pennies n’ bought a mid to low price bicycle to use as basic transport & just sorta digs being out there slogging along as part of the solution & the kinda guy you have to applaud just for doing it…
    …bought a bag, some cheap lights but a big ol’ u-lock to discourage theft while at work…

    …seems that a few weeks ago, he’d just come from the city (sf) on the bus w/ his bike & was gonna ride the last few miles home…he was gettin’ everything organized & a young local gentleman approached him in the dark to ask about sharing the use of his bike…
    …knowing that too much resistance might prove to be both futile & fatal, my man reluctantly turned over “ownership”, making the kid think he’d just scored, but all the while reaching into his bag & getting out that u-lock…

    …the guy said to me, “man…years of frustration about everything in my life all came out, right there, right then ‘cuz this little prick was tryin’ to steal my bike…i blindsided that dude as hard as i fucking could before he could get away & it felt so good…i knew he was out cold on the second shot but i gave him two more good ones while he was laying on the ground, just for good measure”

    …i literally clapped my hands & while being somewhat pacifistic in nature, i suggested that had it been me, i might not have shown that much restraint in that a good kick or stomp to the nads would have given the aspiring perp a chance to think about his lifestyle choice w/ a little more perspective…

    …anyway, i applauded the man…said “dude, awesome…as it should be, no fucking doubt”

    …just nice to hear a story w/ a happy ending, now n’ again…

  3. …dave, dave, dave…

    …the perp lives to let others know “them cycle guys ain’t soft, bro…even that fat dude…fucked me up, holmes & i still ain’t feel so good…maybe we leave them alone next time”

  4. Maybe you’ve got a point.

    “Punish one. Teach a hundred.”
    Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

  5. Hard to believe I’m hearing such rationality from the Left Coast.

    Right on, dudes. Common sense prevails!

  6. Yeah, I caught a guy trying to rip my bike once. He was standing over it and I ran into him full speed, stiff armed him and he hit the ground HARD.

    Funny enough he jumped up (and back) and said ‘WTF?’

    ‘WTF? what do you mean? That’s my bike!’

    He just had a look on his face like a puppy who just got kicked for no reason, I really think he was too dumb to understand.

    As I rode away his friend came out from around a corner, pointing and laughing at him. Ass kicked and humiliated, the only way to leave ’em.