SSWC09 Report

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The first SSWC report I have the pleasure of posting is as follows:

Cameron M.
Subject: SSWC09
Hey drunkcyclists,

Thought I’d write in about an event that combines drinking and bikes quite nicely: the Single Speed World Champs that just went down in Durango. So here’ my little report:

Rolled into town Friday night, parties going down everywhere. Somehow I missed the main event out at the skate park, but judging from the hangovers of riders the next morning at the econolodge, it sounded off the hook. Saturday morning was the main event. I was too absorbed in the wacky costumes, cross-dressing, cute girls, and general weirdness to be nervous. The gun went off, and after riding through downtown the pace went off. Eventually the 1,000 plus riders hit a big hike-a-bike, which got completely clogged. For those who couldn’t be patient, this was torture, but to me it was simply part of the experience.

This led to the most technical trail I’ve experienced in a cross-country race, and people were going down right and left. In fact, the leader at that point, Travis Brown, went down and possibly broke his leg. (don’t know for sure) I managed to get through with no problems, although I did get doused in beer by
screaming fans dressed up as pirates. The second half of the race took place on Durango’s buttery smooth singletrack, where fans offered up beer, bacon, and verbal battery in equal measure. All and all, the coolest race I’ve done, and the most fun. The after-party was at a beer factory, nuff said.

The organizers put a huge amount of creativity and effort into this grassroots event. This is the true irreverent spirit of mountain biking at work. I just might have to fly to New Zealand for next year’s event. Way cool.

Here is a link to the Durango Herald write up of the event.

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  1. I’m sticking with Cameron on this one. If I need help pulling my head out of my ass I’ll ask ya dave, thanks. lol omg douche