Obama has a posse

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This is getting good. The latest getting pasted on walls in L.A:


Shit is totally bananas. The point, of course, is not that Obama is a socialist. Rather it is simply to combine a noticeable face (obama), put him in white face caricature (joker), and splash a misapplied and inappropriate logo (socialism). Let that shit run off the printer down at Kinko’s by the hundred and staple them bitches up everywhere. It’s the graphic design hat-trick of the new millennia.

Pdf now available for download: Obama_Joker_Socialism.pdf.

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36 Replies to “Obama has a posse”

  1. I doubt this is supposed to be funny; it’s political commentary. Bush was (IMHO) well done, and fairly accurate. PATRIOT ACT, Wiretapping, etc… Those are all things that go against the constitution and can easily be called anti-american. (In the respect that America is not a country who should do these things…)

    The Obama one is poorly done. (Again, my opinion) But for other reasons. Not only did someone just p-shop an image instead of taking the time to make an entirely new illustration; they did it to SCARE people. The intent was not to question the role of our leader as he did things that were obviously unconstitutional, but to use the old boogeyman of ‘socialism’ to attempt to derail what would be beneficial to uninsured and under-insured (hell… I’ll go so far as to say ALL) americans, and bring us into the 21st century with the rest of the modern/ western world.

    But then, they are appealing to the idiots, and not the thinking individuals of the republic.

  2. This particular “thinking person of the republic” is scared, picture or not. In fact, I think if you were so attuned to the shortcomings of the previous administration, you should be on the cusp of outrage with the current one. I say “on the cusp,” because I’m giving this whole show some time under Obama’s wing before firing away. The situation this country is in right now is not his fault (imo, it was CONGRESS and a lack of attentiveness by the Bush admin), but I fail to see the true logic in the Stimulus Package (i.e. quadrupling the country’s debt to get out of debt?) I hope my apprehension proves to be unfounded.

  3. We have socialized education, road repair, military, and air traffic control. What is so bad about socialized medicine? It will cost us less and the quality of care will go up.

  4. Yeah, funny how ‘socialist’ is the new scare tactict. Used to be ‘communist’ and more recently (bush years) ‘terrorist’. Same scare tactic, different name.
    Couldn’t the use of scare tactics to push your agenda classify you as a terrorist, you are terrorizing peoples minds to cause the damage you want, pshycological or physical, what’s the difference?

    Truly what’s sad is that people fall for this fear mongering and the repubs are very good at it. It’s too hard to think for yourself and look into things and try to find solutions, easier just to be paranoid and pissed off.

    This country won’t be ‘for the people’ until political pandering of lobbyists is outlawed. The current scare tactics on health care reform are all coming from the large insurance and medical groups who are the ONLY ones that have anything to loose from reforms.
    The only govt. officials who oppose this reform are those in the pockets of medical lobbyists just as those who deny global warming are in the pockets of the oil industry.
    All these people disturbing town meetings are a shameful bunch, and many seem very close to medicare age. Do they not want medicare when the time comes? Is medicare not exactly what a public option would be?

  5. …you’ll note the bush/joker drawing was done july/’08, so it’s a retrospective considering the “house of cards” he left after his eight years of “accomplishment”…

    …bush slide into office because the idiots in this country were comfortable w/ the idea of a guy like him…daddy did his time & if you didn’t really look too deep, it prob’ly seemed A-OK & so why not another family member…his bumbling “aw shucks” attitude appealed to the yokels & the religious right because the truly devious manipulators, the cheney/rumsfeld’s were ensconced behind the curtain…

    …& i agree w/ bikepunk…if you don’t think for yerself, the obama/joker poster w/ the message of ‘socialism’ across the bottom is used to keep you on edge…just like the inane bullshit that comes out of the mouths of the self righteous ‘talking heads’ that proliferate the right wing media…

    …it’s not about truth & the good of the country, it’s about the spin, it’s about the lies that can be perpetrated to alter the outcome…the “win at all costs” mentality & the “not that we can do a better job, we just wanna be in control” mindset…it both sick & extremely fucking sad…

    …the “birthers”, the “obama is a racist & a communist/socialist” drivel…if you don’t know how to think for yourself or you don’t have the facilities to see beyond the narrow scope being offered up by the “fox news-es” of the world, then yes, this is definitely gonna affect your perspective…

    …it speaks volumes about who the ‘rush limbough’ types are appealing to when they direct that shit through the media…

    …as regards the “stimulus package”: it was an attempt in the right direction but the truth is the money is falling into the hands of the same old, same olds & their hording mentality hasn’t changed & thus there’s very little trickle down effect…fine, score one against…but let’s let the man do his fucking job…that “house of cards” needed serious work from the get go…

  6. Staples? Any street artist knows you paste that shit up.


    Staples can be pulled off to easily. Make sure that puppy sticks.

    I like your consitancy johnny, pointing out the inappropiontess of the socialist lable on obama just like you pointed out how it was inappropirate to lable bush hitler…. wait what?

  7. “I doubt this is supposed to be funny; it’s political commentary. Bush was (IMHO) well done, and fairly accurate. PATRIOT ACT, Wiretapping, etc… Those are all things that go against the constitution and can easily be called anti-american. (In the respect that America is not a country who should do these things…)”

    I’m sure you’re glad that Obama voted against the continuation of the wire tapping regs and continued to dismantle the program once he became pres.

  8. No, KG… I actually think it’s fucked that he did that. I don’t worship him or idolize hiom. I DO think he’s a whole lot better than Bush and that evil fuck Cheney and their entiore cabal.

    I still say I’ll give him a year before I start whining like so many who voted for the Milf – codger ticket. as we all are seeing, it takes a lot of work to get shit dsone when the opposition is opposing for no other reason than to oppose. (They still don’t have a plan for health care aside from saying ‘NO! SOCIALISM!’ to what the dem’s are offering.)

    So yeah, he’s done things that I think are fucked, but again, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for a short while longer.

  9. “Opposition”? What goddam opposition, forfucksake? He’s got the House. He’s got the Senate. He just picked a foaming-mouthed liberal activist for the Supreme Court, for the love of God.

    If this assclown ain’t gettin’ R done, maybe it’s because We The People are speaking up to our elected representatives, in sufficient number and in sufficient force to tell them to think twice or they’ll be out of a job.

    Oh wait-I just answered my own question. The “opposition” of which you speak of would be We The People. You gotta love the system when it works.

  10. I fully expect to be turned into the white house for not following into lockstep with the rest of the obama supporters.

    “There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.”

    Imagine…. just imagine what this web site would have posted if Bush would have said the exact thing about people disagreeing with the war in Iraq.

    How many pages would BikePunk or Johnny post?

  11. And remember when Dubya was running in 04? Political rally attendees were pretty much handpicked. Hell, folks were turned away for having the wrong bumpersticker. And once they got in, they had to play nice or they were escorted out. That didn’t sit well with me. Didn’t sit well at all. But this “rat out the opposition” campaign-This has no place in the United States of America.

    And wasn’t all this organizing an’at just hunky-dory when Acorn was doing it?

  12. if you’ve ever heard of Nationalsozialismus, you should be scared. if these people didn’t have powers of war it wouldn’t mean much, but you never know what you’re gonna get with a banker/corporate run pseudo-scientific dictatorship.

    kg… that’s why i’m freaking out. to the would be tattletale, go ahead and tell them about me you sniveling little know-it-all. again, that’s flag@whitehouse.gov

  13. Oh, and in case you missed it, your Messiah expects yu to rat out “casual conversation”. Barack Stalin Obama, indeed.

  14. Nothing is fucked. Get a grip. Go ride your bike.

    Me? I have almost 200 miles so far this week, and I feel pretty good.

  15. …dave…the only place you need to be reported to is http://www.dumb-dumbs-without-a-clue.com…maybe they’ll help ya out…

    …& the newly “retired” palin chick ???…the only good thing about her is that come the lead-up to the next election, even the fucking repuglicans are gonna be sick of this “in the america i know & love” business she plays off of…

    …distorted truths, manipulations, twisted morals & outright lies get a little unsavory after a while, even to the ‘righteous right’…

  16. Fuck you all. The White house has put the word out that they want you to report any emails or “casual conversations” that are “fishy”; as in, discussing the “health” care plan in a manner that might not be flattering to Barack Kevorkian Obama. Got an email address to forward it to, even. Americans snitching on Americans for exercising free speech. If a Republican administration did something like that you would all be shitting your pants. Besides, it’s a violation of the law. A little thing called the Privacy Act, passed to keep Tricky Dick in check. Apparently you don’t give a fuck about the law, civil rights or even right vs wrong if it’s Barack Milhouse Obama doing the shenanigans.

    And another thing-What about the current liberal talking point that the outrage expressed by ordinary Americans was somehow organized-That is; that it was not spontaneous? So fucking what if it wasn’t? Only your side is allowed to use community organizers? Again, fuck you all. And that snide-assed remark from speaker Nancy “Botox” Pelosi that the folks speaking up couldn’t have been real; they were “too well dressed”. Well pardon the fuck out of me, Your Highness. What?-You have to wear tie dyes and smell like an outhouse to be politically active?

    Fuck wasting any more time on you assholes. If anyone wants me I’ll be with my angry mob. And did I mention?-Fuck you all.

  17. Dave, baby, I think what folks are talking about is, well, this: ‘Grassroots Protester’ Actually GOP Official

    Here’s a fun example of astroturfing in its purest form: A woman attending a town hall event for Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI), and–while loudly raising objections to the Democrats’ health care reform proposal–insisting she’s just a regular concerned citizen. Except, she’s actually a GOP official.

    Heather Blish was vice-chairman of the Kewaunee County GOP until 2008. She actually worked for Kagen’s opponent, and, according to her own resume, is affiliated with the Republican National Committee

    That, my friend, is not spontaneous. Nor is it the work of “community organizers”. It is a fraud.

  18. David. You have a point on the “organized” outrage. A sappling of community “outrage” was indeed spontaneous. Then it was capitalized and propagandized by la repulicanos a la derecha. That’s an outrage son.

  19. Dear Davey boy Stalinism and socialism are and never were the same fucking thing you dumbass. google it google boy

    Second of all there is no economic organization advocating state, public or common worker ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods here in the us and there never will be. You yourself are a common worker and by no means are you going to share in the GNoP of this state so settle down boy…. but bummer for you really given your tax bracket…

    Third, socialism itself is not a political system; it is instead a response to capitalism as an economic system. By default every it evolved as an ideology in theory as the opposite to capitalism. Nothing more. Stalin had his version of it but it was a front for burying opposition in the Ukraine

    Please point to a specific cause effect relationship where Obama has intentions of disrupting Capitalism.

    Tell you what knittwhitt it you believe here is such a thing as socialism, and I beg anyone to prove that such a thing ever existed other than theory off paper, then we can burry your ass in the Ukraine as a start

    Dave,,, uhh, The Ukraine is a place in the,,,,,, ahhhhh forget it you stupid fuck

  20. Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism Dude. At least it’s an ethos.

  21. Interesting on the GOP plant, but I’m sure many of the people confronting their representatives around the country really are just regular folks. Obama has been meeting with the pharmaceutical lobby and going back on his word:

    [pharmaceutical lobby]…received the White House pledge to forswear Medicare drug price bargaining, but also a separate promise not to pursue another proposal Obama supported during the campaign: importing cheaper drugs from Canada or Europe. Both proposals could cost the industry billions, undermine its ability to develop new cures and, in the case of imports, possibly compromise safety, industry officials contend.

    Check out that last sentence. Sounds like fear mongering coming straight out of the LA Times.

    It was, in part, the pharmaceutical lobby of Germany that really threw a wrench into any good that might have emerged from National Socialism. We’re starting to see that Obama too can make a great Nazi war criminal, going against what he said during his campaign is a great start. Maybe Nazism is getting the bad wrap because it keeps getting taken hostage by corporate interests?

    I don’t want the US uni. healthcare system to add even more administrators to an already over-administrated system. . . these jobs take away from the care that’s needed. The UK healthcare system is so bogged down with administrators that it takes an enormous amount of resources away from actual healthcare.

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is on Obama’s Council of Comparative Effectiveness Research. There are some quotes by this guy floating around out there and I don’t know if they’re taken out of context or whatever, but they make it sound like a shit storm is brewing in the White House. These statements are along the lines of “the Hippocratic Oath is taken to seriously” and says comfort is too expensive “hospital rooms in the United States offer more privacy, comfort and auxiliary services than do hospital rooms in most other countries.”

    That’s what people want when they’re sick, asshole.

    My great grandfather was imprisoned during WWI for being an “anarchist.” All he wanted to do was point out that the German people themselves should not be held accountable for the actions of a few bastards playing god with people’s lives. I’m not scared, go ahead and tell Obama I compared him and his cohorts to the criminals behind the Nazi movement.