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24 Replies to “Orly Taitz”

  1. You lost me at “birther attorney.”

    Jonny, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t lawyering for partisan politics-driven conspiracy theorists rank BELOW litigating dog bite cases?

  2. Bitch is nuttier than a fried Pay Day….saw her on the Colbert Report, I think she is Newt Gingrinch’s running mate in 2012.

  3. Her arguement is not aided by that shrill wail-of-a-voice. I feel REALLY bad for those that have to listen to that on a daily basis. Geez.

  4. ANN COULTER THINKS YOUR A CRANK!!!……….wait, who gives a flying fuck what that twat has to say?

    It’s a sad day when Ann Coulter is the voice of reason.

  5. …a little shrill voiced, loud mouthed, empty headed door stop…but our society allows EVERYBODY a fucking shot & this is her’s…


  6. Wow, Nuckin’ Futz.

    I couldn’t listen to more than half of that. Funny, her accent seems like she is from another country, making me wonder we she cares so much whether or not Obama was born in the us anyway.

  7. I have really tried to follow the logic here for some time now, which is:

    1. It is theoretically possible that Obama’s mother faked both the birth certificate and the newspaper notices by simply asserting to the right people that he was born on American soil, when in fact he was illegally transported to Hawaii after being born in Kenya. Therefore, since it is theoretically possible that this happened (like all good conspiracy theories, it is not logically possible to prove), a federal court should strip Obama of his presidency.

    The problems with this argument are self-evident.

    2. The Constitution says you have to be a “natural born” citizen to be president. If you squint hard enough and read certain obscure writings in a certain way, that might mean that the founders — or some of them — believed that both parents had to be U.S. citizens *and* you had to be born on American soil to qualify for the presidency. (There was an escape clause since in 1789 the country wasn’t old enough for U.S. citizens to have grown up and had kids who were running for president yet.)

    The problem here is that it seems pretty reasonable to believe that “natural born” was used in the customary fashion and means “born on U.S. soil.” This is how the founders distinguished naturalized citizens, who like Schwarzenegger came from another country and became U.S. citizens through the naturalization process (and who to this day are barred from being President).

    It seems the birthers want to make three classes of citizens out of two: naturalized, born on American soil but of only one or zero U.S. citizen parents, and born on American soil of two U.S. citizen parents. They’ve essentially added a new standard that cannot be found in the constitution, has precious little documentary support, no support in custom, and no pragmatic use.

    The likelihood of any federal judge in any circuit buying that and ordering the U.S. President to step aside is zero point zero zero zero zero zero.

    So yes, Orly Taitz is a crank. Even Coulter sees it, and like Pfaff above, I found myself quite surprised to realize that what Ann Coulter thinks really does have relevance in this one unique circumstance. When the batshit fringe starts calling you batshit, you’re in a batshit’s batshit country.

    And Orly Taitz herself is powerful evidence that the bar exam isn’t hard enough.

  8. The State of Hawaii says that Barack is a natural born citizen just like the state of Georgia says that I’m a natural born citizen. My certified birth certificate is similar to Barack’s in that it has no embossed state seal on the front or creases. The state department accepted it and issued me a U.S. Passport. In addition, when Barack became Senator he would have had to qualify for at least TOP SECRET authorization which involves an extensive background check costing upwards of $150k. If his citizenship was not valid then it would have come out and been released by the CIA way before he got the Democratic nomination. Or we could choose to ignore all of that and believe a crazy nut like Orly.

  9. Agreed Taitz is a nutjob. Must have received her law degree in New Mexico or something.

    Ok, it’s worse, a degree from an unaccredited law school straight outta Compton.

    That said, the old legal latin phrase applicable here is, if you have the law, pound the law; if you have the facts, pound the facts; if you have neither, pound the table.

    From Obama’s side, the argument ad reductio is, we have addressed this already, nothing to see here, so move on. Agreed there is nothing to see here Obama has not disclosed the original birth certificate, so we can’t read it. Yet.

    When disclosing it would shut up the birthers once and forever more, and there is nothing untoward about it, then produce the certificate. Since Obama resists, there is definitely something up with the birth certificate. Until it is produced, you are stupid to bitch about having to produce the original document. Remember evidence, BJ? Best evidence rule. A copy is inadmissible when the original exists and there is reason to doubt that the copy is a faithful reproduction of the original.

    All y’all were all up in arms about Bush’s national guard records, and uber liberal Dan Rather still contends the forged document that ended his career is genuine. Rather = Taitz

    The Kenyan certificate is a forgery. The Australian doc is a forgery.

    The more credible argument is that the newspaper announcements settle the issue, but that fails also because 1) a newspaper announcement is not evidence of natural born citizen birth, and 2) there are indications that the newspaper images have been faked.

    Concededly, all this blather is irrelevant if 1) Obama was indeed born in Honolulu to American citizens. What is the best evidence right now of 1)? A genuine birth certificate documenting 1).

    It is nonsense to criticize a birther who requests a viewing of the original document on the grounds that Orly Taitz is a nutjob or that there is (or is not) a pdf of two possible newspaper birth announcements.

    Taitz discredits the issue by her ineptitude.

    Designating Taitz a nutjob is the best liberals can do to end the issue?

  10. “Designating Taitz a nutjob is the best liberals can do to end the issue?”

    STY— Uh, have you been paying attention? Ms. Taitz is the one quite clearly labeling HERSELF a batshit-crazy nutjob. She doesn’t need a bit of help from the “liberals.”

    See also: Sarah Palin. Apologizing for these media whores hurts the “conservative” cause. Here’s an idea: find someone credible with a thoughtful message and bring something real to the table.

  11. Here’s an idea: find someone credible with a thoughtful message and bring something real to the table

    nice work mikey

  12. This is happening to our current president, not because of any missing birth certificate, but because he is black and because his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

    is there some sort of policy among the fear and ignorance party that demand one blame and shoot the messenger when one can’t answer the question asked?

  13. Her law degree is from Taft, a distance learning law school (which is unbelievably is a step down from Liberty U, one of the worst law schools in the country, where a number of Bush lackeys went). She got it after a degree in dentistry from Hebrew University. Too much nitrous? Free access to tanks of hippie crack may have done some damage.