Flanders, frites, and beer…

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Winning Flanders via cyclingnews.com
Winning Flanders via cyclingnews.com

As we all know, yesterday was the Tour of Flanders, like Mr. J I turned off the phone, didn’t read the internets and their series of tubes, and basically ignored all media until the race started at 5PM on OLN (I refuse to call is VS). I was NOT disappointed in the result, that much I can say. Stijn is one hardcore bad-ass. He rode away from that small group like they were on fire, and he was trying to save his own life. He put it down, never looked back, and rode that shit solo to the end. I loved it when he had a teammate with that other guy from Liquigas, and the green rider looks over, and gives a look like, “Help me man, he’s going to win!” Quick Step guy looks over, gives him a little push on the butt, and is like, “Sorry man, you’re fucking on your own. We’re going to party tonight!”

Out of all of the classics, I like Flanders the best. I can’t help it. To that effect, what I do every year is peel and fry a bunch of potatoes (10 pounds this year), make the best frites you’ve ever had, invite a bunch of other mindless bike junkies like myself over, and we gorge on frites, mayo, and Belgian beer. This year, it was no different. Turnout was kind of low, because most of my riding friends tend to still race bikes (what they hell are they thinking), and there was a race out of town this weekend. Their loss my friends, their loss. I did almost lose a finger in the process though, got to watch out for those mandolin slicers, they’ll take a finger off, it almost got mine.

By the time the race was over on TV last night, I had eaten about 2 pounds of frites, drank a few Chimay’s, and was feeling all good. Which was a good outcome because earlier in the day, I set off for what I thought was going to be a 2 hour ride, which turned into a 4 hour I got lost ride. I do hate it when that happens. Luckily, I got some directions from a good old boy in a pick up truck somewhere in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and made it back before I heard something like, “Squeal like a pig boy!”

Back to Flanders though, my wife, seriously disappointed that Boonen didn’t win, although she claims that her love for Tom Boonen dissipated somewhat after he started dating the 16 year old. Kind of creepy now isn’t he? If we don’t keep an eye on him, he could end up like Vince, the Sham-Wow guy. I’m just saying. Anyway, if Flanders is any indication, GW in the middle of this week will be a battle, as will the Hell of the North this coming Sunday. This is my favorite time of the year without a doubt. 3 big races, all in a week, for a bike racing loving asshole like myself, how and where could it get any better? And no, the Giro, nor the Tour is as good as the Classics in my opinion. Stage racing = boring most of the time. Bide your time, ride great in the TT, don’t get dropped in the mountains, and you win… Yeah, super. It’s almost predictable stage racing is these days. It puts me to sleep. But, I still watch it. I can’t freakin’ help myself.

What is the call for Sunday? Who is going to take Paris-Roubaix? Any guesses out there?

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17 Replies to “Flanders, frites, and beer…”

  1. I was right there with you ,, but i mad potato soup and drank beer and cheered as they punished them selves. Great race!

  2. I agree completely on the Classics vs. the Tours. Never really watched them up until a couple years ago, but my GOD those guys are just bustin’ ass…for 160 miles! Crazy. I watched yesterday, but didn’t eat or drink due largely to the excessive amounts of alcohol remaining in my bloodstream from the prior afternoon/evening/night/early morning drinkfest. I was pissed at myself for sleeping thru the trailwork day I was gonna hit, but it was cancelled due to rain, which then turned to snow. 4 inches last night. It’s April. I just wanna ride outside already!

    I pick Pozzato for Sunday, Cav for FW.

  3. I stood on the Wolvenberg and watched Ivan Dominguez just fucking cringe his way up the first hill. Suffering like I’ve never seen from that guy. that was at about 160km in to the course.

    Those cobblestones just hurt your fingers and wrists. Also shook my bladder loose every time. I probably peed 12 times onto Belgian croplands.

  4. Re: Boonen… To the victor go the spoils? I’ve no idea, really. He’s apparently a coke head and a pedophile. Awesome.

    Yesterday was top-fucking-notch. I was knocking back cold ones and watching with interest. It can be a bit of a lottery at times, crashes (Hincapie, Hushovd) and mechanicals (Cancellara) exacting their heavy toll, you need a fair bit of luck to see you though.

    Devolder was on fire! I wouldn’t be surprised if every ride, meal, massage, everything he’s done since Oct 1 was organized to peak his fitness for this week of racing. That guy is solid.

    Beer and fries!

  5. I’m rooting for my boys on BMC this Sunday. I think I was close to making it over there, maybe next year.

  6. Indeed Chad, you make it over there next year, that might be my year to travel to Belgian for what I like to call, “Golden Week”. Now, if I can get my wife to buy in to going to a country where there are really no beaches, probably not much sun, and crappy weather, and to stand on the side of the road somewhere in the countryside wading in horseshit, I am there. Then again, maybe I’ll go by myself, the wife would end up hating me.

  7. Classic MoFo racin” Straight up wall climbin’ was the whole race after workin’ all day for the Boss Boon. That is the shit…Cut Vs. some slack, they’ll just tryin’ to pay the bills…

  8. Will Paul Sherwin please get of George Hincapes dick. Why that turdburgler thinks George is going to win the cobbles is beyond me. Memo; to win a classic you have to attack. George never attacked when he was young; why now with slower legs?

    VS. is my ball sack. I go there when I have to, make an adjustment and get the fuck out before anyone sees me.

    Phil is making some serious mistakes these days too. He tends to confuse a lot of shit. must be tough sitting in the van watching the race on G&T’s

    nNever thought Id say I like the Hummer dude from UFC. no pun intended

    atleast we dont have docudrama Al toruserTroutwig and Frankie mouth full of marbles Andreau anymore

    oh yea please kill that little indian american coed inturn cunt who acts all cute and dumb interviewing the riders

    Oh last add: please no more Trek Informercials err uhhh I mean technology updates

    VS sucks ass

  9. “Phil is making some serious mistakes these days too. He tends to confuse a lot of shit. must be tough sitting in the van watching the race on G&T’s”

    Mr, butthead-

    How is this different from how you would like to live your life? I say, rock on, Mr. Sherwin.

  10. Sherwen has been making said mistakes for years on end. Go back, listen and watch some footage from say, the early to mid 90’s, same mistakes. He’s got too much knowledge in that cranium of is is what the issue is.

  11. You think Sherwen makes mistakes???? What about Ligget? Yeeeesus. Sometimes I wonder what race he’s watching.

    I, too, likey Tommeke’s chiquita.

  12. mikunt

    my problem is that I remember everything


    So it is Phil sherwin and Paul Ligget then?