Hellingen and back again

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Not only does VDB have a posse (see: here), but he also has an honest to goodness win under his belt as well. Not so sure about the whole honest part, but whatever. Equal weapons, equal wins. Kinda makes me wish ‘ol Lance would man up and quit lyin’.

The 34-year-old Vandenbroucke won Saturday’s 15km time trial and grabbed the overall leader’s jersey at La Boucle de l’Artois, a second-division French race.
Read more: velonews.com

Will wonders ever cease? I hope not.

They still consider Boom Boom the heavy favorite for tomorrow. Well, no shit. He’s the fucking man, hands down. Dinner plates full of coke across the board for all my men!

Big interview with Boom Boom Coke Pile over at cyclingnews.com.

I cannot wait till tomorrow. I plan on being 100% annihilated by kick off, I mean, the delayed airing of the race on versus. Too bad Lancey Pants didn’t bag a half dozen classics when he was Mr. Big Dick (read: fueled by Ferrari) so American television stations would find worth in actually, you know, televising the event as it happens! I’ll be ignoring the internets (it is a series of tubes), phone and text messages because I do not want to know what happened before I get a chance to watch the fucking thing! So don’t fucking call me and fuck up my Christmas you bastards!

Do they still call it “Cyclysm Sunday” over there on Versus? Is that finally over? Where did they get that dumbass name? Was “work yourself off in the shitpipe with a cucumber” already taken? Jeez. Must be the target audience or some shit. Check out the versus pole (yes, I wrote: p o l e) where 52% (as of today) of voters think a) LA can win the Tour this year, b) even after breaking his collar bone! Give me a fucking break! The man might as well be rolled up in a carpet and pushed off the pier he’s so done.

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10 Replies to “Hellingen and back again”

  1. Man – VDB has finally crawled out of his hole has he? In an era of excessive drug use and abuse this punk led the way. I had the dubious pleasure of working on the Classics and Tour around that time and he was THE BIGGEST DEAL in terms of potential amongst all the teams – before his meteoric fall from grace.

    On another note are you seriously telling me that Cavendish inst just going to stomp all over Da Boom (if he is entered that is – haven’t actually been arsed to check so my argument could have a serious flaw).

  2. Erm – strike me off as a dick head – Cav is nowhere to be seen. Its all down to Hammond the geriatric then.

  3. …hey, nice…frankie vb musta used his “own” name & foto this time…

  4. If you are tired of the douche nozzles at Versus and their bullshit coverage, you only have one option for live coverage…www.cycling.tv

  5. shit I thought you were talking about chris van dine…. the only true U.S. biker taking it to the foreigners… fueled on whiskey, beer and weed. this is the guy we need repping our nation….


    I know linking pinkbike is like using high times in your bibliography in your high school reports about legalization…

    DINO – MITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I don’t think Boonen and I wish people would stop calling him “boom boom” cuz that sounds like a name for a faggot in a faggot porno. I have my money on Pozzato or Stijn… Flanders isn’t Boonen’s race… Roubaix yes, but not Flanders… If I am wrong with the fact that Boonen will not win after the less than 9 hours after I posted this comment, then I’ll sacrifice a naked picture of my x-girlfriend on this site that I hold so much of my faith in…

  7. You better hope im not drunk enough to post the results here.

    Which I will be.

    And I will.

    So don’t read this post.

  8. Check that… I don’t have a pic of the “X” anymore… I still don’t think that Boonen will win. And if he doesn’t, I’ll Knievel a pic out of the new girl some way or another to honor what I promised at the best of my abilities.