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Over the last few weeks the RideClean Team has posted a couple nice early season results. It started with Rocket Ron busting out a “W” in the Flapjack TT, continued with J-Rod getting a nice 2nd at McDowell, and the following week my man The Flying Scholnick climbed on the podium in the Cat 2’s at the Valley of the Sun, netting enough upgrade points to bump up to a 1. And they don’t hand that shit out unless you earned it. How do I know that? Let’s just say I’ve seen the ass-end of enough old-man races to know.

If that wasn’t enough for a good early season, our favorite local Hamfist Forbes grabbed a most impressive win at the crit in Yuma on Saturday. J-Rod must have felt upstaged by his teammate because he apparently followed every fucking move in the next day’s road race til one stuck. By one eye-witness account it was the 12th move that stuck. Then he stuck it for the win. Which, by the way, gave Hammy the fat check for overall GC. Not bad for 2 days work.

Why am I bothering telling you this? Because it’s the RideClean Team. Because the team is gunning for UCI status next year (and not some I-filed-my-paperwork-and-wrote-a-check bullshit status). Because they have card carrying bad asses like Jame Carney and Matt Cooke and Paul “Moisty” Thomas…to name a few.

And because I drive the car and wash the bottles for them. That’s why.

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  1. Hell Yeah Party People. TBC, yeah you know me. The last time I did this race, crazy Clinton was Prez or was it Bush I? Let’s all go from the gun and see what happens. It might be the new cool move of the future. Shit, we have a prologue. OK, wait for Saturday. Sssshhhh, keep it on the DL.

  2. What is this Rideclean crap? Some kind of nano tech protection product to keep your scooter safe from the elements?