Lazy Sunday

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Chilling in Sedona doing a whole bunch of nothing. To do list includes hooking up a dryer and not getting drunk before noon.

I’m hoping to split the difference on those two in particular.

Shit, I may even go for the hat trick and drop off the recycling. I know, I know, a bridge to far and all that.

We all do what we can in this world, don’t we now.

Watched some Tour coverage this morning while I drank coffee. Damn near made me wish for the good old drugged out dayz when it whittled down to six or seven men all paying the likes of Ferrari. Better living through chemistry. Now its the whole bunch looking at each other.

And it’s damn near boring.

Good thing the Cobra was around to give it some stick. Never thought I’d see climbing like that after Pantani gave up the ghost.

Kinda makes me feel like river dancing.

Link dump:
[a history of hooch]
[give that man a beer]

And then you have this:

Apparently, Billy Demong from Team American R.A.D.D./AGEL crashed with 2k to go, bike and body completely thrashed, and Horner stopped and said, “Hey dude, get on.” and then rode them both up the hill to the finish.

I am the man. I am bad. I should be in detention.


More pics and a bit of background over at:

From: Lois
Subject: crash on the tracks From DC…
Here’s an email I just sent to Santa Fe Railroad…

Dear Santa Fe Railroad,

I am missing several days of work due to an accident I had crossing the tracks on my bicycle in Flagstaff AZ. I would like to make you aware that there is a bike eating slot in the tracks at San Francisco Street. I have no intention of suing you over my accident, but I am an experienced cyclist and feel that perhaps you should take measures to fix the problem. I cross these tracks often, and have never fallen in before, but I was avoiding a pedestrian, and looking at him rather than looking for a slot.

Thanks for your prompt consideration of this problem.

And there you have it, another lazy Sunday update. If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking up some bolognese. Don’t bother calling, ’cause I ain’t taking calls.

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Biggest of all the Jonnys.
    One mistatment in the Sunday message.
    Pantani did not give up the ghost.
    He became one.
    May the Gods give him rest.

    senior juan in Portland

  2. The Cobra (maybe he should be “The Mouth” instead) can fucking DRILL it. I am actually enjoying this TdF, but I agree each day is pretty formulaic. Hopefully we’ll see some more action. Beltran aside (thanks Lance!) I’m excited to watch coverage or read about it every day.

  3. Millar is on form in that interview. And Pantani? Being a head case probably isn’t a good idea in doperville. Bad timing on his part. Seems the next step is to have a ‘positive control’ among the new clean teams; chipotle, Columbia, yadda yadda. When’s that going to happen?

    And who already forgot the 4 man break including Frishkorn that stayed out? Or Cavendish? Sure, the climbs are less tweaker like.

    Still a bitchen race.

  4. Cavendish is fucking sick. No other way to say it. That kid can say whatever he wants, to anyone, at any time. He backs it big.

    Kinda makes me wish Petacchi was there to turn on the afterburners. He too could dance away from the rest.

  5. cavendish…WOW…pure awesome speed outa the ‘manxman’…the guy is a real scorcher…

    …& horner writes an addendum to the latest chapter in the annals of ‘american cycle racing’