Happy Friday and then some

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Cosmic Cycles has a website up and rocking. And it’s sweet. Check it out here: CosmicCycles.com.

That rolling image factory on the intro splash page is a blast from the past. John S. with hair? Forget about it.

Ah shit, I’m old.

Most of the witnesses agreed that banning all drugs would be a very good place to start cleaning up the sport.

“It’s like chemical warfare,” Hall of Fame trainer Jack Van Berg told the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Wait, are they talking about cycling or horse racing?

Had to think about that one for a moment. Read the rest here: philly.com.

From: Ry
Subject: Breaking News
Suspected doper Santiago Botero wins stage 1 of the Cascade Cycling Classic.

Chris Horner crashes in the first 5k of said race on his hometown turf.

Pictures of both attached.

Nice photos. Suitable for framing, I might add.

From: Tom
Subject: Critical mass rides…
Don’t know how you feel about critical mass rides, check out the happenings in Atlanta this past weekend I think that it was:

For the record, I hate them myself, see my response to this joker here:

I have to say I find myself agreeing with you. Especially this line: “I’m convinced that critical mass rides have the direct opposite effect of what they’re supposed to do. They do make motorists pay attention to cyclists, but in a bad way.”

Giving people a reason to fucking hate me is one of my strengths. I don’t need any help in that department. Believe me.

From: Scott
Subject: Horny repair… From DC…
kid comes in to my shop with road bike with a blown spoke in the rear. We proceed to throw down on the instant repair, but its not fast enough and the kid’s gettin a little jumpy. Finally he says “look, your not gonna believe this, but i was just on my way up the street to get laid at this girl’s house when the spoke broke, do you have a bike I can borrow? I said “no problem” and handed him the grocery getter with basket and all. Ed, fixing the spoke, said whaddya need it for like 5 or 6 minutes? and I thought I had heard it all.

If there is one thing I’ve learned after all my time in the bike biz – you have never heard it all.

Take these for example:
[behold the cardboard bicycle] getoutdoors.com
[fixies feature] nytimes.com (link fixed!)
[lets watch the cyclists go whizzing by] deadspin.com

I gots nothing else to say.

From: Fitty
Subject: FW: Google Maps “Bike There”
Hey all –
Take a sec (seriously, it only takes a sec) to click the link & read through the very short petition letter within.

Nutshell: the petition requests Google to add a bike-friendly mapping option that includes bike lanes, traffic patterns & elevation gains to Google Maps. GM already includes similar features for public transportation, drivers, etc .. & with more & more people commuting by bike, it’s totally plausible that if we demonstrate enough demand, they’d add some cool features for cyclists too.

Checkitout: petitiononline.com/bikether/petition.html

I’ll leave you with this ’cause it’s bangin.

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9 Replies to “Happy Friday and then some”

  1. why do the new columbia kits remind me of the astana outfits?
    critical mass should be banned like epo. it ain’t helpin’ anymore. poor manuel, obviously his team’s too cheap to get on the gene-doping wagon and has to rely on outdated tech. hey isn’t ivan i-thought-about-it-but-didn’t-inhale basso on that squad for next year?

  2. Guys-

    I looked at the NYT link, had to laugh when the racers said they were trying to get the messengers “on the track, where they belong.” I noticed also that most of the messengers, even the guy “skitching” weren’t wearing helmets. Good luck with that.


  3. Gold, pure gold.

    “With a road bike after two weeks of rain you have to replace your brake pads. After a month or two of riding hard on your gears you have to replace the cassette.”
    – Morgan Hafer explaining why fixed gear bikes are better.
    (very end of the NYT slideshow)

  4. critical mass = the inmates running the asylum‘…cm basically lost it’s effectiveness shortly after it started…in most cities it’s been nothing but an aggravation fest since…

    …great ‘spoke fix’ story…