Tom Boonen snowed in at the ski lodge

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Boonen tests positive for cocaine

Paris-Roubaix winner and former world champion Tom Boonen has tested positive for cocaine, Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Tuesday.

Confirmation of the story came from WADA and the Flemish sources responsible for drug-testing in the north of Belgium.

The newspaper said that the 27-year-old Boonen tested positive for the drug three days before the Tour of Belgium on May 25, although one anti-doping officials say the rider will not face suspension since use of the drug is not specifically banned except in competition.

Oh my… has more here and here.

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23 Replies to “Tom Boonen snowed in at the ski lodge”

  1. Purely for medicinal purposes. He heard that one of the side effects was constipation, which would have helped with that little chamois-shat problem from the ’07 Paris-Roubaix.

  2. Does anyone else like him just a little bit more after this news?

    Cycling, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, baby!

  3. TBH unless he is doing it within 36-48 hours of a race, then I think it can be considered ‘partying’. If he is tested positive in a STAGE, then we have issues.

    Coke does nothing for the racer, unless he’s riding. Rock on, Jan Jr.

  4. Cocaine was first used in the form of a leaf , in the Andes, by the porters, to soothe the pain and provide them with that extra boost for the long heavy trips into the high mountains .It is also the main ingredient in Belgium Pot. Two Years !!!!!!!!!

  5. ….I mean, I just don’t get it – he’s young, rich, famous, handsome, has women crawling all over him – why would he do cocaine???

  6. Fuck YEAH!! At least he parties like a rock star….think you would ever see fucking Rasmussen do that shit?? no way, just bovine blood. Motley Crue does cycling. Tomekke Tomekke this biyatch…. only thing I don’t get is it might mess up his negotiations with Belowjob Telecom…please don’t let this guy go to a fucking French team….all hope is lost if he does

  7. I’m still giving it up to Jan over Tom.

    Ecstasy = 8 to 10 hrs of insanity. Coke = $20 blown on a high four mountain dew AMPS could have given. Jan’s high had a longevity his career just barely surpassed.

    The real question is what else ol’ Tom boy taking with the snow?

    Nobody, I mean nobody blows coke alone!

  8. mmmm….cocaine. mak-yah go fast, even off the bike. I agree with Bikepunk, (what!?) party on mutha fuker.

  9. first the hair, then the bad 80’s rock video… I mean, we knew the kid was a little flaky behind the wheel but now I guess it’s obvious he’s not all he’s cracked up to be.

  10. If you want your sports heros and drugs to mix, go watch the NBA. The fact that he got popped out of competition is a technical loophole. Next time he wins a race, I’m putting an asterisk by it.

    This is bullshit, plain and simple.

    Just one more poster to take of my son’s wall and throw in the Hamilton, Basso, et al. trash heap.

  11. I doubt (many) cyclists of Tom’s caliber party like rockstars three days before big races. Perhaps he used it to curb his appetite during ‘easy’/off days before the race. Didn’t Nat O’Neil get pinched using phentermine for this purpose last year?

    I could be wrong…

  12. WTF? Is this 1984? I didn’t know people still did blow. I wish I still gave a shit about cycling, so I could angry or hurt or even concerned. I think this sport is has taken it’s rightful place next to the Olympics on the “Who gives a rats ass” list.

    I’m actually tired of hearing about who is or isn’t dirty. Either open up the pharmacy and let some 4 nutted 12 toed freak win this shit, or only let the Amish race. Either works for me.

  13. Fucking hypocrites… The boy is not riding clean….. NOW you guys are all for drugs and cycling.

    I’ve said it before that I don’t give a fuck if cyclists do drugs… I just like watching all of you “ride cleanites” bend and sway in the wind. Coke is against the rules, it’s cheating… even if it isn’t in competition, it’s cheating in life. The all important rules you all espouse. Don’t tell me that the cycling rules are some how special and ONLY those rules can’t be broken. Would Slipstream let someone popped for coke ride for them? They are the standard bearers for anti doping.

    And again, a reminder, Eddie was popped for drugs, and not out of competition….. cycling hero?

  14. KG, baby, we’re cracking jokes. Take it easy man. You’re always looking for some kind of shouting match. What gives? Cycling is a fucking joke. Everyone is on drugs. It’s getting complete ridiculous. I mean, what’s next? Seriously. How much worse can it get?

    And to answer your question, no, I don’t think a team like Slipstream would not tolerate cocaine use, be it in, or out of competition.

    But I gotta say I’m not sure what you mean by “cheating in life”…

  15. …ah, hi …

    …my name is tom & i think i’m ‘special-ized’

    …whoops, i mean, i’m a drug addict…

    …but i am a hero to millions, so ‘i really am special-ized’…right ???…

    …ok, ok…my name is tom & i’m a drug addict…

  16. yeah, and all musicians should get off the drugs too!!!

    Rock Against Drugs = RAD

  17. Now that the Giro has come and gone completely unnoticed by me and this news rates nothing more than a “whatever” I guess I can say that I’m completely cured.

  18. I like Tom Boonen even more now. The 16 year old girlfriend, speeding sports cars, and now the booger sugar! Tom Boonen does a big ol gagger off some hot chicks ass, then raises his arms in victory!!! Bonneke Booneke Booneke!!!