Hump Dizzle

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Well, lookie there, it’s Wednesday already? Maybe I’m not as cursed as I thought.


Another week at the bike shop – another 101 reasons to put my head in a gas oven. That and other fine poems to be published on the backs of soiled toilet paper squares this fall. Just in time to fuck up somebody’s Christmas.

I care because you do.

Anyway, I recently sent my man Hoss a few pairs of DC socks. Why? Why not. Well, truth be told he makes kick ass jewelry and I picked up a few nice items for my wife ’round about Mother’s Day.

In short, he does fine work and the gift was a hit. Check out his stuff over at

From: Hoss
Subject: Got it!
DC socks in the Pool!!

Looking good. Way better than me with an armful of floor pumps. I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers. At least I’m not this Italian Stallion

From: Kerri
Subject: F150
Just in case someone claims that the reason to own an Ford F-150 pick-up is because they are safe.

Dude. Brutal. That ride is a death trap.

From: Graeme
Subject: Some better news.
After the carnage in mexico, thought this might help as it’s some good news
for a change.

Still can’t believe this fucked up place we call earth.

Yeah, I needed a story like that. We all did.

And think for a minute how crazy that is. You can ride the wrong way on a one way street. And cars had better watch out. They’re calling ’em cycle contraflows”.

Motorists, however, might be taken by surprise after failing to spot new signs at entry points and could find themselves being held liable for a collision with a bicycle.

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Mr Cameron’s home authority, has decided to test two-way access for cyclists on six residential roads. If there is no significant increase in collisions, it will extend the policy to other streets. Many other councils are expected to copy the idea to capitalise on the recent surge in the popularity of cycling.

Well, lets hope “there is no significant increase in collisions” for two reasons. One, no one will be killed. And two, maybe this concept will cross the pond and help my country ride itself of this damn car culture and all that goes with it.

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  1. Its kind of cool. If you watch the ford…then click a link to the V-Dub, watch that. Then click and watch the smart car…the difference is amazing.