Books, covers and Vegas

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From: Brice
Subject: DC minions
I was in Vegas last weekend. Sunday morning, I standing in the Mandalay Bay enjoying a cup of coffee trying to clear previous evenings fog from my head. I was sporting one of my black, almost brown now, DC T-shirts that I wear all the time.

There was a fat hill billy type looking guy walking past me, drink in hand……..big dude, real tree camo hat and all. He looked down at my shirt, gave me a knowing nod and shot me the “devil horns”.

I thought to myself…..WTF? Who would have guessed a dude that looks like that would ride and be a DC minion. I figured him for one of those dudes that would show up on a ride on a rigid, 29er SS or a circa “91” Trek and just stomps everyone….It’s happened to me too many times to count.

As I continued this “can never tell a book by it’s cover” dialogue with myself I watched the guy as walked trough the casino. About thirty feet past me he gave a knowing look and shot the “devil horns” at a slot machine about ten feet past that he did the same to a small palm tree………..

You were right on one thing; you can never tell a book by it’s cover.

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2 Replies to “Books, covers and Vegas”

  1. “It’s not about you, it’s about me!”

    overheard shouting in a cab downtown.

    salient is a weird thing